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A bat problem is one of the most serious nuisance wildlife problems you will encounter. They pose several serious health risks and should be taken very seriously.

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Confirming its bats you’re dealing with can be a bit of a process. Because they are not as active as some pests while in your home and because of the schedule they keep, a bat problem can often go unnoticed for long periods of time.



Bats typically roost in your attic and are one of the quieter pests. You may however notice scratching sounds and flapping of wings as they come and go.


If you notice any ofthe following things, you havr bats in your home. Piles of bat guano built up, typically somewhere underneath your soffits. Bats will also leave a dark brown stain as they squeeze in and out of the entry point. Check for stains around your roofline, dormers and soffits. Around dusk and dawn, you may see them coming or going from your home.


Bats are nocturnal therefore you will only hear or see them from the evening to early morning hours. They hibernate during the winter months so you are most likely to notice them from early spring to late fall.


Although there are also serious risks to your home and property when it comes to bat infestations the health risks are far more serious. Between histoplasmosis and rabies, the consequences can be deadly.


  • Rabies – is contracted through the bite or saliva of an infected animal. If you suspect you have been bitten by a bat contact a medical professional immediately.
  • Histoplasmosis – is a potentially fatal respiratory spread through the inhalation of spores found in dried bat guano.
  • Bacterial Growth – as guano and urine accumulate in your home, it can be a breeding ground for all sorts of unhealthy bacteria. If left untreated, the risk and contaminants grow exponentially.
Property Damage
  • Chewed wires presenting a potential fire hazard

  • Fleas and tick infestation in your home

  • The smell from urine and guano build-up

  • Damage from the weight of feces and urine on the attic floor

  • Insulation soiled and contaminated

  • Evidence of previous bat infestation may be an issue during a home inspection

If you are dealing with a bat infestation on your property, having them removed and the affected areas decontaminated by a professional is your only option. It can literally be a matter of life or death.

We offer free inspections and an industry leading lifetime warranty*. Call us at 1-855-602-2754 or hit the button below and we will get back to you immediately.


We do not trap or physically remove the bats from your attic or home. The process involves the use of a bat door system, preventative measures, clean up/decontamination and finally repair to any damaged areas.

A cone-shaped contraption placed on the main entry/exit points. The door gets narrower and narrower so the bat can squeeze out the end, but will not be able to fly back in. Bats are a protected species and as such these measures can only be used during certain times of the year.
Reinforcements to ensure the bats will not get in through other vulnerable areas. This typically involved screening off roof and wall vents, reinforcing vulnerable areas such as soffits and protecting the roofline with drip edge as well as addressing breather bricks.
Our technicians will thoroughly clean and decontaminate any affected areas. Stopping the spread of bacteria and eliminating the source of contaminants.
We will repair any damaged areas, if there is significant structural damage or more specialized issues beyond our expertise, we work with several local professionals who can address the issue.
It may be tempting to save a few dollars and try and fix the problem yourself. This is likely going to prolong the process and increase the risk to your family and property.
  • Injury – working at heights and with wild animals is very dangerous

  • Damage to your home – attempting to secure your entire building against rodents is very involved. If not done properly you can easily damage the structure.

  • Illigal – bats are a protected speices and it is illigal to trap or harm them.

  • Certified and trained technicians
  • Insurance and liability coverage in case of unforeseen problems 
  • The area will be properly decontaminated 
  • Proven methods employed to quickly and safely resolve the issue
When it comes to bat prevention and remediation, you can not afford to learn on the job. The health risks are potentially far too serious to leave anything to chance.


If you have never dealt with a bat issue before you were most likely wondering what the timeline looks like and what the potential associated costs may be.


Every case is completely different and as such it’s impossible to provide a firm guideline on pricing. There are several factors that are considered when pricing a mice or rat removal and prevention job.

Main Factors:

  • Accessibility of problem areas
  • Number of problem areas
  • Pitch of the roof
  • Size of the home
  • Whether or not babies are present
  • Hours of labour required
  • Materials required

To give you a rough approximation of price ranges; a simple rodent removal job will start around $800 and the more complex and severe the issues is the higher the prevention and removal cost will be.


Bat eviction and prevention is an involved process. The timeline is as follows:

  • Prevention work and decontamination is done, this takes one day 
  • Over the next 4-6 weeks, all bats will leave through the bat door system 
  • Within 6 weeks you will be bat-free and no longer at risk, however, the vast majority of critters will leave in the first week, so you will notice an immediate decrease in activity levels 
  • We return at a mutually convenient time to remove the bat door(s)
Contact us immediately for a free inspection, acting quickly is important. Our highly trained technicians will get you answers immediately.

We don’t employ inexperienced or seasonal workers. Our policy is to have a technician on each job with a minimum of 5 years of experience. We back this up with our lifetime warranty*.

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We offer free inspections and an industry leading lifetime warranty*. Call us at 1-855-602-2754 or hit the button below and we will get back to you immediately.