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As Burlington’s wildlife and pest removal experts, we understand the unique challenges living in this town presents. With a healthy mix of industrial and residential areas spread across town, Burlington is home to more than it’s share of animal and as such break-in’s into homes and businesses are common.

A large portion of the residential communities are found north of the highway. In these areas, you will find your typical species of urban wildlife. Squirrels and raccoons are prevalent as well as birds and bats. As for the more industrial and commercial areas, rodents are the main challenge.

With an abundance of parks, golf courses and recreational spaces mixed in with the escarpment landscape to the north, Burlington is home to all imaginable wildlife species and types of pests. View Our Process.


Unlike smaller pests, these larger species of nuisance wildlife won’t often go unnoticed. Burlington has a significant amount of real estate devoted to residential housing. These areas are perfect breeding grounds for these pests.

It’s important to act quickly once you discover you have a wildlife problem. Raccoons can cause significant damage, quickly. Squirrels are a hazard because they never stop chewing, and if trapped, they will destroy anything in there way to get out. Skunks will dig up your lawn and spray your pets, as well as stink up your yard daily.

Our specialty is wildlife and pest removal and prevention. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are the best in the industry, period.

Although not the first species that comes to mind when you thinking about nuisance wildlife and pests; birds and bats can cause significant damage to your home and be a health risk to your family.
Burlington is home to several types of birds nut the most common species you will encounter are starlings, pigeons and sparrows. fortunately, bird removal and prevention is a simple and affordable process.

Bats, on the other hand, are carriers of rabies as well as several other diseases. And most importantly bat guano is very dangerous and can lead to histoplasmosis, a potentially deadly breathing disease.

Our licensed technicians are trained in the latest wildlife prevention and removal techniques. Call custody to resolve your bird or bat problem permanently and safely.

Burlington, like any other suburban area, is prone to mouse and rat infestations. It’s estimated upwards of 80% of homes have rodents living in their walls and attics. This pest issue is the most common wildlife removal experts will encounter.
Rat and mouse removal and prevention is a highly specialized process. It takes experience and training to effectively seal up a home and ensure the existing population will exit while no new rodents will gain entry.

We stand by our mouse and rat expertise and back all our work by our lifetime warranty. Call us today for a free inspection.

We offer free inspections and an industry leading lifetime warranty*. Call us at 1-855-602-2754 or hit the button below and we will get back to you immediately.

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Our team boast the most experienced and best trained technicians in the industry. We do not hire seasonal or inexperienced technicians. All our staff have a minimum of 5 years industry experience. We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry, and back this up with our lifetime warranty.

We offer free same day inspections and can be reached by phone anytime, day or night. Call us at 1-855-602-2754 or hit the button below and we will get back to you immediately.