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Milton is as close to mother nature as humanly possible. Up in escarpment country, it marks the official end of the urban sprawl and the beginning of small-town Ontario.

While predominantly residential, Milton does have a downtown area and commercial center as well as fairly expansive industrial sectors. These all present unique challenges for a wildlife and pest removal company.

Being so close to green spaces and having no significant population centers nearby, Milton has a significant wildlife population. Known for large populations of predatory birds as well as the usual suspects including raccoons, bats and squirrels; there is no shortage of potential for wildlife/human conflicts. View Our Process.


Birds and bats are more trouble than you would think initially. Bats carry several diseases dangerous to humans and our pets. Whereas birds will clog up air vents with nestin leading to more serious issues. They also damage your siding, walls, and attic spaces if left unchecked.

Milton is a known bird hotspot. With its open spaces and plentiful food sources, every sprong thousands of birds flock to the area. The most common species are starlings, pigeons and sparrows.

Bat and bird removal and prevention are not simple tasks. Bat guana is very toxic and needs to be handled by professionals. And thoroughly cleaning out aid vents takes specialized equipment and eating. Call us today and one of our certified technicians will resolve the issue.

Milton is home to a healthy population of larger species of nuisance wildlife. When dealing with these types of intruders, acting quickly is the smartest thing you can do. Larger pests like raccoons and even squirrels can quickly cause irreparable damage and place your home under unnecessary risk of anything from flooding, contamination from excrement to electrical fires.

Our industry-leading technicians have the experience and training to resolve these issues quickly and safely, guaranteed. When it comes to your home and wildlife you donโ€™t want to risk a half baked solution.

Rodent removal and prevention is one of the more complex process wildlife and pest removal companies undertake. Fortunately, we specialize in dealing with mice and rats, permanently.

Milton like all of southern Ontario has a high prevalence of mice found in residential homes. Because of how quickly they breed, leaving a mouse or rat issue unchecked is simply not an option.

We specialize in the guaranteed and permanent eviction of mice and rats. Itโ€™s what we do best. We offer free assessments and back all our work by our lifetime warranty*.

We offer free inspections and an industry leading lifetime warranty*. Call us at 1-855-602-2754 or hit the button below and we will get back to you immediately.

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Our team boast the most experienced and best trained technicians in the industry. We do not hire seasonal or inexperienced technicians. All our staff have a minimum of 5 years industry experience. We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry, and back this up with our lifetime warranty.

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