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We are Oakville’s wildlife and pest removal experts. This town presents a unique set of wildlife challenges to its residents. Oakville is known for its ravines and wooded areas as well as the 16-mile creek that runs from lake Ontario north through the middle of town. All this nature sprinkled amongst the residential subdivisions is a perfect recipe for nuisance wildlife and pests to find their way into your home.

Two of the more noticeable species you will encounter in Oakville are raccoons and squirrels. Especially if you live near a park, golf course or a ravine, you are likely to encounter these animals regularly. It’s not just raccoons and squirrels that are common in Oakville, all other species of nuisance wildlife are also commonly found in this area. View Our Process.


Mice and rats are found in approximately 80% of homes in Oakville. This has nothing to do with how clean your home is or how well it was built. In most cases rodents will move in during the construction of your home, therefore there is a good chance if you have a rodent problem they have been there longer than you.
We specialize in mice and rat removal and prevention. We have designed a foolproof system that identifies how these critters are getting in and make sure these areas are addressed, ensuring nothing can get back into your home.

Backed by 100% no questions asked, lifetime warranty (on all full prevention packages) we will get the job done quickly and permanently.


Larger and more noticeable species of nuisance wildlife are very common in Oakville. Because of all the untouched land in the area, these pests can be found in every neighbourhood.
Identifying these animals once they have broken into your home or taken up residence under a deck or shed, is relatively easy. They are not subtle and will often make their presence known quickly. Especially if they are in your attic or living space, it won’t be long before you’re alerted.

We are experts at removing raccoons, squirrels or skunks from your home and putting in place preventative measures to make sure you will never have to deal with this problem again.


Bats and birds are very common in Oakville and the surrounding areas. With it’s proximity to the lake and plentiful wooded areas, it’ a perfect place for these species to flourish.
Bats are amongst the more dangerous wildlife you will find in your house. They spread several diseases, two of which can be fatal to humans and to household pets.

As for birds, the most common bird you will find is starlings, although pigeons and sparrows are also prevalent. Bird removal and prevention is a quick and relatively simple process for a professional wildlife technician.

Our team has the training and experience to resolve your wildlife problems quickly, humanely and permanently.

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