Raccoon Removal
and Prevention

The raccoon population in and around the Greater Toronto area has been steadily growing for decades. As we develop more and more land, shelter from the elements and plentiful food sources become easier for them to find.

As the raccoon population in your neighbourhood grows, so will the break-ins into your homes and businesses.

Confirming Its Raccoons

Confirming it’s a raccoon you’re dealing with is easier than with other species. Because of their size and activity levels, they are easy to detect and identify.

Signs you are dealing with a raccoon:



Raccoons are active and likely in your attic. A raccoon will sound like a small person stomping around and running from one area to another. They are also very vocal animals. It’s common to hear them hissing, growling or whimpering. Especially during mating season

Visual evidence

You will be able to see evidence of an entry point into your home. Usually, a damaged roof vent pulled back siding or an actual hole in a portion of your roof. You often see raccoon scat accumulating in areas near the entry point


Raccoons are nocturnal so you will hear them in the middle of the night of the early morning hours. Raccoons mate during the later part of winter and their litters are born in early spring. So keep an eye and an ear out during these months especially

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There are two main concerns when dealing with raccoons. Health risks and damage to your property. Both can have devastating consequences for you and your family.

Common Health Risks
Giardiasis – a parasite passed through stool, this is the most common disease passed from animals to humans

Roundworm – spread through the animal’s feces, roundworm can affect humans as well as our pets. This is a very common disease in raccoons.

Rabies – a viral infection passed through the saliva of an infected animal. This is potentially deadly and should be treated immediately

Salmonella – a bacteria passed through direct contact with an animal or its feces

Leptospirosis – a bacteria found in urine that is contracted through contact with contaminated soil, food or water

Property Damage
• Damaged roof/wall vents

• Fleas and tick infestation in your home

• Contamination from urine and feces

• Damaged roof boards

• Pulled back siding

• Insulation soiled and disrupted

• Raccoon damage may negate passing a home inspection if the property ever goes up for sale

Raccoons can cause a significant amount of damage in a very short time frame. Act quickly.

How We Get Rid of Them

We do not trap of physically remove raccoons from your attic or home. The process involves the use of a one-way door system, preventative measures, clean up/decontamination and finally repair to any damaged areas.


One-way Door system

A trap door that the raccoon will push open, once it walks through, the door snaps shut locking the animal out. When non-mobile babies are present they are placed in an insulated baby box near the exit point to wait for their moms.

Preventative Measures

Reinforcements to ensure the raccoons will not get in through other vulnerable areas. This typically involved screening off roof vents, reinforcing vulnerable areas such as soffits and protecting the roofline with drip edge.

Clean up

Our technicians will thoroughly clean and decontaminate any affected areas. Stopping the spread of bacteria and eliminating the source of contaminants.


We will repair any damaged areas, if there is significant structural damage or more specialized issues beyond our expertise, we work with several local professionals who can address the issue.
It may be tempting to save a few dollars and try and fix the problem yourself. This is likely going to prolong the process and increase the risk to your family and property.

DIY Risks

Injury – working at heights and with wild animals is very dangerous

Damage to your home – trapping an animal in your home or attempting prevention work can lead to leaks and all kinds of damage to your home by the animal

Harm to the animal – untrained people attempting this place the animals at risk, especially if a mother raccoon is locked out of a home and away from her babies.

Illegal – it’s illegal to trap and relocate raccoons without a license

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

• Certified and trained technicians

• Insurance and liability coverage in case of unforeseen problems

• The area will be properly decontaminated

• Proven methods employed to quickly and safely resolve the issue

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Wasting valuable time and hoping you can resolve the issue yourself will expose you to significant financial and health risks.

Money and Time Considerations

If you have never dealt with a raccoon issue before you were most likely wondering what the timeline looks like and what the potential associated costs may be.

Every case is completely different and as such it’s impossible to provide a firm guideline on pricing. There are several factors that are considered when pricing a raccoon removal and prevention job.

Main Factors:

• Accessibility of problem areas
• Number of problem areas
• Pitch of the roof
• Size of the home
• Whether or not babies are present
• Hours of labour required
• Materials required

To give you a rough approximation of price ranges; a simple raccoon removal job will start around $350 and a complex job on a larger home with accessibility issues and multiple areas to address can run over $1500.

Raccoon eviction and prevention is a fairly quick process. The timeline is as follows:

• Prevention work  is done the first day

• That night the animals will leave through the one-way door system

• Within 12-48 hours you will be animal-free and no longer at risk (if dealing with babies this timeline may be stretched a little)

• We return at a mutually convenient time to remove the one-way door and decontaminate any affected areas

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