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The skunk population in Southern Ontario has been steadily growing for decades. Our residential living spaces provide abundant food and shelter for this nuisance wildlife species. As their numbers continue to flourish, you can expect the number of encounters with skunks to grow as well.

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Confirming you have a skunk problem on your property is pretty simple. You will smell it eventually. However, there are other signs to look out for as early detection can save you or your pets a smelly encounter with these critters.



Skunks have a potent and distinctive spray that we are all familiar with. If a skunk sprays anywhere near your property you will be aware.


Another great indicator is noticing an increase of skunk activity around your property. Also, look for evidence of digging as skunks will dig under a deck or shed to nest.


Skunks are nocturnal animals who will be more active during spring, summer and fall. They are less active in winter surviving of their fat reserves, only coming out occasionally during warmer spells.


The oat obvious concern with having skunks on your property in having a family member or pet sprayed. However, skunks can pose a health risk as well as do damage to your property.


  • Leptospirosis – a bacteria found in urine that is contracted through contact with contaminated soil, food or water

  • Rabies – a viral infection passed through the saliva of an infected animal. This is potentially deadly and should be treated immediately

  • Canine distemper – a virus that affects every major system in a dog, usually fatal.

  • Contamination – any surface or food that comes into contact with birds or their droppings can become contaminated and not fit for human contact.

Property Damage
  • Structural damage and damage to foundations caused by burrowing
  • Chewing damage to siding, decks etc
  • Damage to your lawn and garden
We offer free inspections and an industry leading lifetime warranty*. Call us at 1-855-602-2754 or hit the button below and we will get back to you immediately.


Except for situations where a skunk has gotten into a living space, we do not trap and relocate the animals. This does nothing for preventing the next family of skunks to take up residence on your property. What we do is install preventative measures ensuring the animals can leave safely, but will not be able to regain access.

Because skunks are prolific diggers, oftentimes we need to secure the perimeter of a deck, shed or home. We do this by digging a trench and installing screening that will ensure the animal can not get back in.
We will use a one-way door system in case animals are trapped under the structure at the time of prevention work.
Our technicians will thoroughly clean and decontaminate any affected areas. Stopping the spread of bacteria and eliminating the source of contaminants.
We will repair any damaged areas, if there is significant structural damage or more specialized issues beyond our expertise, we work with several local professionals who can address the issue.
It may be tempting to save a few dollars and try and fix the problem yourself. This is likely going to prolong the process and increase the risk to your family and property.
  • Injury – working at heights and with wild animals is very dangerous 
  • Damage to your home – trapping an animal in your home or attempting prevention work can lead to leaks and all kinds of damage to your home by the animal 
  • Harm to the animal – untrained people attempting this place the animals at risk
  • Certified and trained technicians
  • Insurance and liability coverage in case of unforeseen problems 
  • The area will be properly decontaminated 
  • Proven methods employed to quickly and safely resolve the issue
Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Wasting valuable time and hoping you can resolve the issue yourself will expose you to significant financial and health risks.


If you have never dealt with a skunk issue before you were most likely wondering what the timeline looks like and what the potential associated costs may be.


Every case is completely different and as such it’s impossible to provide a firm guideline on pricing. There are several factors that are considered when pricing a raccoon removal and prevention job.

Main Factors:

  • Accessibility of problem areas
  • Number of problem areas
  • Size of the affected area
  • Whether or not babies are present
  • Hours of labour required
  • Materials required

To give you a rough approximation of price ranges; a skunk prevention job usually involves a service fee and a door installation fee as well as a price per linear feet of digging. These factors vary depending on the accessibility and scope of the issue.


Skunk eviction and prevention is a fairly quick process. The timeline is as follows:

  • Prevention work and decontamination is done, this takes one day

  • That night the animals will leave through the one-way door system

  • Within 12-48 hours you will be animal-free and no longer at risk (if dealing with babies this timeline may be stretched a little)

  • We return at a mutually convenient time to remove the one-way door

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We offer free inspections and an industry leading lifetime warranty*. Call us at 1-855-602-2754 or hit the button below and we will get back to you immediately.