Spider Removal
and Prevention

Many people have an inherent fear of spiders, because of this, spiders can be one of the more troubling pests for many people. Having said this, the reality is that although many species are venomous, they pose no threat to humans and pets.

Identifying a Spider Problem

There are a few obvious signs that you have a spider problem.


Visual evidence

Spiders like dark, damp and out of the way places, both inside and outside of your home. You will be also able to easily see spider webs in several locations if you have an infestation.


Spiders can be found year-round, and more likely to move indoors during the winter months.

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How We Get Rid of Them

The key to successful treatment is to remove the spider webs safely, in some instances, a spray application is used to control the situation, and finally, we address the environmental factors that are likely to attract future unwanted visitors.

It may be tempting to save a few dollars and try and fix the problem yourself. This is likely going to prolong the process and increase the overall cost. Contact Home Free pest today for a free consultation. We will resolve the issue quickly and safely.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

• Certified and trained technicians

• Insurance and liability coverage in case of unforeseen problems

• The area will be properly decontaminated

• Proven methods employed to quickly and safely resolve the issue

Free Inspection with Rapid Response

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