Wasp Removal
and Prevention

Nothing will ruin a lovely afternoon outside like the presence of wasps. If you have a wasp nest situated on your property, enjoying your yard can become challenging. The most common types we encounter are bald-faced hornets ( large with white and black in colouring) and eastern yellow jackets (smaller with black and yellow colouring). Both species are very aggressive.

Identifying a Wasp Problem

There are a few obvious signs that you have a wasps nest on your property.


Visual evidence

You will be able to find and identify the wasp’s nest fairly easily. They are usually found in trees or tucked away on a portion of your building.(pic of wasps nest) You will also see an increase in wasp activity on your property.


Wasps are most active during spring, summer and fall. You will not find them during the winter months. Only the queen survives the winter and will begin nesting in the springtime.

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How We Get Rid of Them

The key to successful wasp removal and prevention is to remove the wasp’s nest safely, in some instances, a spray application is used to control the situation, and finally, we address the environmental factors facilitating nesting on your property.


Remove the Nest

Wasps nests if located on the outside of the building are easy to locate and identify. Yellowjackets sometimes build their nests on the interior of your building, in cavities on soffits or siding, or your attic. These are more difficult to access. Safely removing the nest is the first step in the process.


Securing any easy access to our home as well as not leaving water or food sources lying around will help deter wasps from returning in the future.

It may be tempting to save a few dollars and try and fix the problem yourself. This is likely going to prolong the process and increase the overall cost. Contact Home Free pest today for a free consultation. We will resolve the issue quickly and safely.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

• Certified and trained technicians

• Insurance and liability coverage in case of unforeseen problems

• The area will be properly decontaminated

• Proven methods employed to quickly and safely resolve the issue

Free Inspection with Rapid Response

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