5 Most Common Critters in Your Burlington Attic

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When we think about securing our homes from potential wildlife issues, we often overlook one important area: the attic! This tucked-away warm and quiet space is prime real estate for a multitude of critters. In our lovely city of Burlington, there are four main culprits who may seek to turn your attic into their new home. In this blog post, we go into detail about each, and most importantly, we will offer some valuable, experience-based advice on the best way to resolve these potentially expensive problems.

1.  Raccoons

The. most common time of year for raccoon activity in suburban homes are the winter and spring months, however, they will be active in neighbourhoods all year long. Raccoons mate in the winter and will give birth to their kits in the spring and in order to do this safely they seek out safe spaces away from the elements; more often than not this means someone’s attic, garage or shed. It is essential you deal with this issue before mom gives birth as once the babies are here the process becomes exponentially more difficult to contend with. Also, keep in mind raccoons need a minimum of 8 weeks from birth to become mobile so if left alone, your unwanted tenants would not be leaving until early summer.

Raccoons are not the most subtle squatters. Their presence can be detected through the distinct, loud stomping sounds they make, often in the evening or the wee early morning hours. If you’re hearing these sounds, it’s likely you’ve got a raccoon family in your home.

2. Squirrels

As we retreat indoors to escape the winter chill, so do squirrels—they’re actively breaking into homes in search of a safe, warm nesting spot. Much like us humans, squirrels consider their own comfort and safety during these frosty months.

The squirrels’ life cycle contributes to their intrusion into our homes. They habitually birth two litters of squirrel pups each year—one in the heart of spring and another in mid-summer. For the squirrel, your home is the perfect nursery.

These active creatures are primarily busy at dawn and dusk. So, how can you tell if you’re hosting squirrel tenants? Listen out for their constant gnawing and scratching noises—their teeth never stop growing, and they love a good chew! In no time, they can turn your attic into their personal chew toy, causing extensive damage. From chewing electric wires to structural damage, you do not want to leave a squirrel issue unattended.

In this video, you see an extreme example of what types of risk a squirrel issue can pose to your home if left unattended:

3. Rodents

Nothing slows down mice and rats, least of all cold weather. Your attic, with its fluffy insulation to muffle their movements and the absence of human activity, is an ideal hiding place. It’s a warm, cozy paradise for these pesky rodents to set up their home.

These critters are masters of invasion, capable of gaining entry through various parts of your home’s exterior. Given their rapid reproduction rate and stealthy movements, swift removal is not just necessary, it’s vital. The key to combating a rodent residency in your attic is a one-way door system alongside comprehensive prevention measures––the most effective, long-lasting solution to keep these pests at bay.

4. Bats

If you think bats hanging out in attics is a myth, you’re in for a surprise. These creatures pose the most significant hazard among all urban critters due to their guano (bat feces), which, if inhaled, can lead to severe respiratory issues.

In Ontario, bats are legally protected species. Handling them necessitates more care than with other critters. The discovery of a lone bat in your living space is often a telltale sign of a colony nestled comfortably in your attic or walls. To safely evict these quiet dwellers, use a preventative strategy that includes the installation of bat doors, allowing them a one-way exit without the possibility of return.

The Best Defense: Professional Wildlife Companies

Navigating these wildlife troubles can be daunting, dangerous, and even potentially harmful if not handled properly. That’s why the logical solution is to rely on professional wildlife companies.

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Our primary goal is to ease your worries and ensure your home is free of nuisance wildlife. If you suspect unwanted guests in your attic, reach out to us promptly. Let Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal ensure your home is safe from all unwanted critters, contact us today for any of your wildlife and pest removal needs.


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