Oakville Squirrel Prevention: The Damage They Can Do to Your Home

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The sight of squirrels scampering through the parks and yards of Oakville often makes us smile. They are, without a doubt, adorable and remarkably agile little creatures. However, when these furry friends enter your attic, their presence quickly shifts from charming to troublesome. The innocent-looking critter can create chaos, turning your cozy home into their playground. If the issue isn’t dealt with promptly and spring arrives, the problem will be compounded by the birth of their litres, making an even bigger mess and further contaminating your attic. Between their incessant chewing and their c soiling of your insulation, a squirrel infestation can quickly become a long nightmare if left untreated. Today’s post from Home Free Wildlife will take an in-depth look at the risk squirrels can pose to your home.

Carriers of Disease

Despite their cute appearance, squirrels can unwittingly bring along a host of uninvited pests, such as ticks, fleas, mange mites, botfly larvae, and even internal parasites. The diseases and discomfort these parasites can spread are more than just a tiny itch for concern. It’s essential to take prompt action, not only for the health of your home but for the well-being of your family and pets.

Damage to Insulation

Squirrels are natural burrowers whose constant activity and nesting can wreak havoc on your home’s insulation. Their constant activity and the following contamination can diminish the effectiveness of your insulation, leading to increased energy costs. The damage can be so severe that you may need to replace your insulation completely. Through contamination with urine and feces and the damage done by rummaging through the insulation all day, this is a costly and intrusive process that no homeowner wants to endure.

AS you can see in the video below, a squirrel issue poses a real threat to your insulation:

Chewed Wires

Let’s talk gnawing — it’s practically a squirrel’s hobby, as their teeth never stop growing. To keep them filed down, they chew on nearly anything they can sink their teeth into, including the exposed wires in your attic. This risky behaviour can leave you with the genuine risk of an electrical fire. It’s a danger that needs to be addressed with urgency and seriousness. Squirrels keep similar hours to humans; therefore, keep an ear open around dusk and dawn as these are the times they are most active within the home.

Structural Damage

Now, squirrels may not seem like the type to cause structural damage, but given time and opportunity, they can chew through significant amounts of wood. Just because they are small in stature doesn’t mean if left unchecked, they can cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your home. If they are not dealt with immediately, their persistent gnawing can jeopardize the structural integrity of your Oakville home. If ignored, their relentless search for nesting materials can escalate from a simple nuisance to a severe and costly problem.

What To Do?

What’s the best course of action if you’re sharing your attic with a family of squirrels? The answer is simple: contact a professional wildlife removal company. Here at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, our team possesses the training, experience, and humane methods to quickly and effectively evict unwanted critters. Through meticulous prevention work and the strategic use of a one-way door system, we’ll resolve the issue, with no harm coming to the animals or your beloved home.

You can trust the friendly and dedicated professionals at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal regarding wildlife control. Our local expertise and commitment to safety, paired with a deep understanding of the wide range of critters we handle, make us the go-to experts in Oakville for keeping your home critter-free.

Don’t let the squirrels turn your attic into a nightmare—reach out to us, and with a smile, we’ll ensure peace returns to your home. After all, there’s no place like a safe, secure, and squirrel-free home! Call us today for all your wildlife and pest removal needs.


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