Oakville Wildlife Removal: Where Do Bats Nest In Your Home

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At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we understand the challenges and health risks of having bats reside in your Oakville home. While they are vital to our ecosystem, bats inside your living spaces pose a severe health risk and can lead to expensive remediation efforts. The potential hazard of bat guano, which, when it becomes airborne, can cause histoplasmosis, is particularly concerning. This condition can be severe and is the first reason you must deal with a bat infestation immediately. With a focus on our expertise, we’re here to guide you through the signs of bat habitation and the safest, most effective way to ensure they are humanely and permanently evicted.

Identifying Bat Presence in Your Home

Timely detection can mitigate risks and protect your home from the more severe consequences of a long-term bat infestation. Key indicators that bats may have taken up residence in your home include:

  • Accumulation of Bat Droppings: One of the most obvious signs is finding piles of bat droppings, known as guano, usually located below the entry and exit points used by bats. Guano not only carries a health risk but also damages property over time.
  • Noises at Twilight: Bats are most active during dusk and dawn. Listening to unusual scratching or scurrying noises during these times can indicate their presence.
  • Ceiling and Wall Discoloration: During an ongoing infestation, the discoloration can appear on ceilings and walls due to guano and urine. This often signifies a sizable colony that requires immediate attention.
  • Unpleasant Odors: A long-term bat presence is often accompanied by a noticeable and unpleasant smell from urine and feces. Recognizing this aroma early can prevent extensive contamination.

In this video, you can see some of these symptoms in real life:

Where Do They Roost?

Understanding where bats are likely to settle within your home can significantly aid in detecting and addressing infestations quickly. Common nesting spots include:

  • Attics: Offering isolation and safety, attics are prime locations for bats to roost. Easy access points like vents or eaves make attics particularly vulnerable.
  • Wall Cavities: Bats find the insulation within walls a quiet and undisturbed place to live, which can conceal their presence effectively until signs like odours or stains become apparent.
  • Garages and Barns: Similar to attics, these areas protect from predators and the elements, making them attractive to bats seeking a roosting spot.

Professional and Humane Eviction Process

Given the protected status of bats in Ontario, it is crucial to approach eviction with care, respecting both legal considerations and the welfare of the bats. At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we employ strategies that ensure no harm to the bats while effectively removing them from your property. Our process includes:

  1. Thorough Inspection and Sealing: A critical first step is to identify and seal off potential entry points to prevent future infestations.
  2. Installation of Bat Doors: These doors are designed to allow bats to leave but prevent them from returning. This must be only done when juvenile bats are old enough to exit with the colony, typically by mid-July, to ensure families aren’t separated.
  3. Professional and Experienced Intervention: Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to conduct the eviction safely and legally, addressing the issue thoroughly to prevent reoccurrence.

Our dedication at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal extends beyond removing unwanted guests from your property; we ensure that your home remains a safe, critter-free environment. With a commitment to safety, expertise in wildlife behaviour, and a reliable process, we are here to address your wildlife concerns smoothly and effectively. Together, let’s restore the comfort and security of your home, keeping it free from the concerns bats can bring.


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