A Detailed 5-Step Guide to a Raccoon-Free Home

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Encountering unexpected guests, specifically raccoons, within the confines of your home can not only be a nuisance but also be the cause of damage, inconvenience and contamination. Our friendly and professional team at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal has the practical experience and knowledge required to keep your home raccoon free. With our local expertise and commitment to safety, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the problem has been dealt with humanely and permanently.

1. Stay Alert:
soffits damaged by raccoonThe initial and most crucial proactive step is to remain vigilant about your surroundings. Raccoons, being largely nocturnal critters, are most active during the twilight hours. Therefore, any peculiar noises in the dead of night, unusual rustling sounds arising from the direction of your attic, or any unaccounted-for disturbances should have your alarm bells ringing. Additionally, keep an eye out for any signs of damage to your soffits and roof vents, there are common access points. Also, keep a lookout for any signs of trash cans being tampered with, this is an early indicator you have raccoons setting up shop on your property. The sooner you identify these subtle indications, the lesser will be the risk of a full-blown raccoon infestation or the possibility of these pests causing significant damage.

2. Call in the Professionals for a Detailed Assessment:
Once you’ve observed notable evidence of raccoon invasions, it’s high time to invite wildlife control experts to step in. Our team at Home Free treasures the safety of your home and extends to all, a no-strings-attached assessment service. Our seasoned professionals, equipped with specialized expertise, will comb through every nook and cranny of your home. Their experienced eyes will spot signs of raccoon presence, and they’ll identify any potential entry points that might have offered these critters easy access. Post the inspection, they will furnish a nuanced, detailed estimate entailing the actions necessary to remedy the situation. Reputable wildlife removal companies back the quality of their service with a warranty and will have plenty of easily found positive online testimonials.

3. Undertake Essential Preventive Measures:
After the assessment, your next step should be to get preventive measures underway. Hire a reliable and experienced professional team, like ours at Home Free, to bolster the defence of your home. Our squad will thoroughly analyze and secure every potential raccoon entry point and then put together a detailed plan of action to permanently rid your home of unwanted critters. We guarantee peace of mind with the assurance that after our preventive actions, your home transforms into an impenetrable fortress against these potential intruders.

4. Implement a One-Way Door System:
Home Free ardently believes in adopting humane methods for animal control, and that’s precisely why we swear by the One-Way Door System. This ingenious invention is animal-friendly and allows any raccoon that might have been trapped within your premises during the preventive measures, to safely exit, ensuring it won’t be able to get back in. Watch this video to see the system in action:

In situations where young ones are present, our team members will cautiously transfer them into an insulated box placed near the exit point. This special arrangement enables the mother raccoon to safely relocate her cubs once the coast is clear, ensuring no harm comes to the raccoon family during the process.

5. Initiate Thorough Cleanup and Remove Potential Attractants:
The last step is primarily preventive and involves maintaining cleanliness around your property. Raccoons tend to leave behind contaminants such as nesting materials as well as feces and urine. It’s important to clean these areas quickly to prevent any odours from acting as invitations for future invasions. Also, ensure that you do not inadvertently lure these creatures by leaving potential food sources or attractants accessible. Regular housekeeping and decluttering substantially decline the chances of a recurrence of raccoon visits.

By staying true to these proactive steps, your home will remain a serene, safe haven, free from any disruptions by raccoon instigations. Stay rest assured that our skilled team at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal is always eager and ready to step in at your convenience – providing solutions with a friendly demeanor, backed by professional expertise and steadfast commitment. With us, you’re not just buying services; you’re investing in security, reliability, and a critter-free life, so there’s no more fretting over the furry troublemakers!


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