A Look at Squirrel Damage on Your Home

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It’s an unforeseen consequence of suburban development—squirrels have migrated from their natural habitats to our built environments, finding refuge in the areas we often forget about. Attics, crawl spaces, sheds, and garages have become the new homes for squirrels. This common scenario is more problematic than it appears at first glance, leading to many problems homeowners may have to face. At Home Free Wildlife, we have decades of experience dealing with nuisance squirrel removal, and today, we will get into this topic in depth.

Identifying the Signs: Squirrels Within Your Home

Squirrels are creatures of habit, with activities peaking during the dusk and dawn hours. It might suggest a squirrel issue if you hear noises during these periods, primarily emanating from less visited sections of your home.

Squirrels do their best to avoid humans and being detected while free-loading in your home. A surefire sign you have squirrels in your home is seeing visible damage done by them, creating an entryway from outside the building. Check for damaged soffits, bent siding, displaced or chewed roof vents, or any other visible signs a critter has broken in.

Watch for stashes of acorns, untouched corners containing nesting materials, or other food stores inside your home. Squirrels are natural stockpilers; you will often find hidden food stores within their nests. One of the more grotesque signs is an unpleasant odour stemming from urine or droppings. In extreme cases, the foul smell could emanate from deceased squirrels yet to be discovered.

Understanding the Damage: Squirrels and Your Home

We recognize the allure of the squirrels’ cute and charming antics. Still, it’s crucial to understand that squirrels can cause significant damage when they relocate to human dwellings.

Structurally, they can wreak havoc with their constant gnawing and burrowing behaviour as they try to build nests within your home. Insulation is particularly susceptible to these activities. It’s stripped down to bolster their nests, and in the process, squirrels contaminate it with their urine and droppings, compromising its efficiency and hygiene. In this video, you can see how the insulation is patted down and rendered virtually useless, as well as the feces contaminating the entire surface of the attic:

More shockingly, squirrels pose a significant fire hazard. A squirrel’s teeth continually grow and resort to constant gnawing to keep them in check. Your insulation provides an attractive chewing playground; even worse, so do your electrical wires. This incessant nibbling wears down the insulation on your wires, increasing the risk of electrical faults and potentially starting a fire.

As a further health hazard, squirrels aren’t considerate tenants. And most notably, they are not hygienic. Urinating and defecating anywhere within their new home is a common practice. This behaviour introduces an additional layer of contamination. When it’s a birthing season, your home could unwittingly become a birthing spot, adding another level of biological contamination.

The Professional Solution: Animal-Control Beyond Reproach

The issues we’ve discussed showcase the urgent need for a professional response when dealing with squirrels within your home. This is where our expertise, dedication, and experience at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal come into play.

Our team is thoroughly trained and equipped to handle such situations, ensuring that the squirrels are removed with minimal disturbance, that potential entry points are identified and secured, and your home is restored to a safe living environment. We practice a mix of preventive measures, use exclusion techniques with a one-way door system, and partake in remediation practices when necessary.

We urge you to reach out if you live with a squirrel issue in your home. The processes required to effectively, humanely, and safely manage this problem are complex and require professional expertise.

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and professionalism. Our ultimate goal is to restore your home to its original pest-free existence. With decades of local experience excluding and removing all sorts of nuisance wildlife, our highly trained personnel will do the job quickly and humanely.

Undeniably, squirrels are cute and curious as long as they are outside your home. However, once they have chosen your residence as a refuge, they will be a constant nuisance and real threat to several areas in your home. So, if you suspect you have squirrels, don’t wait—take action. Call us, and let’s restore your home to its rightful state—critter-free, safe, and sound.


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