Burlington Wildlife Removal: Surprising Facts About Squirrels

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At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, squirrels are among the creatures we deal with most frequently! These energetic and nimble creatures are often found playing in Burlington’s parks, gardens, and yards. However, our extensive expertise and knowledge have discovered much more to these furry taled critters than meets the eye. Today, we’re going to share with you four surprising facts about squirrels you may not know!

1. Squirrels are Very Vocal

If you’ve ever wondered what that chittering sound in your backyard is, you’ve likely heard the distinct voice of a squirrel. Squirrels are quite the chatterboxes of the animal kingdom. Whether warning others of impending dangers or engaging in playful banter, these creatures are not shy about expressing themselves.

These vocalizations may be delightful to some or disruptive to others, with their chirps, barks, and clicking sounds echoing across quiet mornings. Enhanced by their keen hearing, this communication system allows them to alert each other to potential predators or signal that an area is clear and safe. Think of it as their tiny, bustling community, humming with conversation.

2. Not All Squirrels Hibernate

When winter arrives, some animals escape the harsh cold by hibernating, but did you know that not all squirrels opt for this long winter sleep? Indeed, while some species will delve into a deep sleep to conserve energy, others count on their diligent food-stashing habits carried out in warmer months.

This remarkable behavioural diversity demonstrates their adaptability and survival instinct. Grey squirrels, for example, tend to be very active during winter, as their bodies can adjust to the change by reducing metabolic rates and adding an extra layer of fur. Here at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we consider the unique habits of each squirrel species while managing them from your homes and yards.

3. Squirrels Play a Big Role in the Food Chain

Although these critters are often found breaking into attics, sheds, or garages looking for shelter, which can be inconveniencing today, squirrels still play a vital role in our ecosystem. When foraging for their favourite snacks – nuts and seeds – they inadvertently spread these would-be plants across the forests and parks.

Their forgetful nature often means some of the buried goodies are never retrieved, providing an opportunity for those to sprout into saplings. This ecological service played by squirrels aids in regenerating our woodland areas, underscoring their importance in the wider food chain and ecological balance.

4. Squirrels can Find Food Under Snow

Have you ever wondered how squirrels find their meals during snowy winters? These critters have an extraordinary sense of smell, helping them locate the food they so carefully stashed away weeks or months before, even under a layer of snow!

Despite the freezing temperatures and all-white surroundings, these creatures can sniff out their buried treasure with remarkable precision. This impressive adaptation endears them further and proves how well they’re suited to the sometimes harsh Canadian winters.

As animal lovers and professional pest controllers, Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal love sharing fascinating facts about the critters we handle daily. We believe that understanding and appreciating wild animals also helps us coexist with them in a balanced and respectful way.

If you have squirrels in your home, contacting a professional wildlife removal company is highly advisable. A minor annoyance can quickly devolve into a full-on nightmare of left unattended. In this video, you can see that leaving a squirrel issue untreated is not an option:

If you’re experiencing any squirrel issues in your home, remember that we have an expert team ready to help. With our commitment to safety, extensive local wildlife knowledge, and professional demeanour, we assure you that your home will be critter-free. We’re here to put even the most determined squirrel and other wildlife challenges at bay – and we do it with a smile!


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