Can Mice Climb?

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Believe it or not, the average mouse found in southern Ontario possesses a surprising degree of agility, most notably when it comes to their ability to climb. This seemingly insignificant trait actually plays an important role in how these tiny creatures have become the most common and troublesome pest found in residential homes. Home Free Pest Removal is Burlington’s mice prevention experts and today we will discuss the pertinent points regarding mice and their expert climbing skills.

Climbing Abilities of Mice

Mice, despite their small size, are formidable climbers. This athletic ability allows them to successfully infiltrate homes and businesses, often unobserved. Able to climb a surprising array of surfaces from siding to bricks and even drywall, mice are experts at taking advantage of structural openings to make their way inside. Their flexible body structure and sheer determination make them highly skilled infiltrators. Because of this ability virtually no area of the exterior of your home is safe from the little wiskered critters.

In this video you can see great examples of how well mice can climb:

Common Access Points for Mice

Given their climbing skills and resourcefulness, mice often gain entry to a building through the roof. This could involve exploiting small gaps in the building’s exterior, such as exposed roof boards, openings in ventilation or plumbing systems, damaged shingles, or areas where roofing materials intersect with bricks. A thorough evaluation of the exterior of a building can often reveal these easy-access entrance points that mice exploit, but their small size and agility make these often hard to spot without a professional eye.

Why Mice Prefer Attics

Quiet? Check. Largely undisturbed? Check. Effective sound insulation? Check again. The attic in your home or business checks off all the boxes in an ideal mouse residence. The absence of human activity, combined with the omnipresent insulation that muffles sound, makes it virtually an exclusive mouse country club where they enjoy free rein.

Further exacerbating the issue, an attic infestation is particularly problematic as it allows mice access to the rest of the house through unseen routes in the walls. From this vantage point, a mouse might make its way into basically any part of the property, navigating through wall cavities with astonishing ease.

Risks and Damages from Mouse Infestations

The risks and damage associated with a mice infestation cannot be overstated. If unchecked, a handful of unwelcome visitors can quickly turn into hundreds if not more due to the rapid reproduction rate of mice. The ensuing infestation can lead to significant damage to your home or business.

The damage isn’t contained to mere gnawed wiring or stolen food supplies. Their nesting habits can lead to the need for insulation replacement, and their droppings and urine create a need for serious decontamination due to the associated health hazards. Not to mention, the potential structural damage resulting from their constant gnawing. These risks make it imperative to address a mouse issue promptly and thoroughly.

Dealing with Mouse Infestations

Discovering a mouse infestation on your property is indeed cause for concern. However, the optimal course of action is a prompt call to wildlife professionals like us at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal. Handling mouse problems is not a task to embark on lightly and is undoubtedly best dealt with by an experienced professional with the knowledge, tools, and safety protocols required for an efficient and comprehensive resolution.

Armed with the necessary training and field experience, wildlife professionals can not only remove the existing mice swiftly but can also employ preventative measures to help ensure your property remains mouse-free in the future. These could include sealing potential entry points, recommending improvements in sanitation, and advising on other preventive strategies.


In the face of a mouse infestation, it’s essential to remember that acting promptly can significantly minimize both the short-term inconvenience and long-term damage. With the integrated pest management services offered by professionals such as Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, you can confidently and efficiently tackle an infestation, ensuring effective removal and preventive measures are in place.

In an effort to uphold our reputation for being friendly, professional, experienced, and reliable, we are dedicated to putting our clients at ease throughout the process. Our aim is not just to rid you of the infestation but to ensure that your home returns to being a place where you can relax without worrying about unseen invaders.

While the thought of a mouse infestation can be unnerving, it’s vital to remember that you’re not alone in this battle. As local experts in wildlife and pest removal, let us assist you in reclaiming your property from these unwelcome guests. It all starts with a simple call to the pros who know how to handle it, and that’s us. Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal is always ready to make your home critter-free in no time. Don’t hesitate—connect with us today.


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