Can You Have Both Rats and Mice in Your Home?

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At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we’ve always believed in sharing our knowledge to keep you informed and prepared. Today, we’re clearing up the confusion surrounding a common question: Can rats and mice cohabitate in your home? We will examine the common differences between the two species and whether territorial behaviours and resource competition allow for harmonious cohabitation.

Getting to Know Mice

First, allow us to introduce you to the smaller of our two problematic rodents: mice. Weighing in at a mere 1/2 ounce on average, these tiny rodents are more frequently a “house” guest than you’d like. The most common breed found in homes is the aptly named house mouse. Typically small in size, they compensate with an oversized curiosity. Mice are notorious explorers, and their seeking behaviour often leads them straight into your pantry or between the walls of your house. But remember, despite their size, mice can get into your home through areas the size of a dime or bigger, and you shouldn’t underestimate the disruption and damage they can cause.

Rats: The Bigger Concern

Now, for their larger and darker foe: rats. These rodents typically tip the scales between 7 and 11 ounces, with common breeds including the roof and Norway rat. Despite being family, rats exhibit contrasting behaviours to mice. They’re often more cautious, preferring to stick to established paths and territories. Although this makes them somewhat less unpredictable than mice, their larger size allows for more significant structural damage if they decide your home is the perfect nesting spot.

Make sure you deal with a rodent issue quickly and permanently. Regardless of whether it’s mice or rats you are contending with, call a professional to deal with the issue before it’s too late. In this video, you can see what happens if you leave a rodent issue unattended for too long:

Can Both Coexist?

So, can both mice and rat populations thrive in your home simultaneously? Both species have marked territorial instincts and an unlikely predisposition for sharing space. When considering an important distinguishing feature, the situation becomes even more interesting – rats give off a distinct smell that mice instinctively fear. This is more than just an odd rodent quirk; it’s nature’s way of minimizing chances of conflict or possible predation. Additionally, the competition for the same food resources tips the scales in favour of the larger and stronger rodents—yes, you guessed it—the rats. As a result, while both mice and rats can invade a home simultaneously, it’s fairly unlikely. These crafty and resourceful pests tend to avoid each other whenever possible. So, it is improbable that you will contend with both species simultaneously, which is good news as dealing with them is a full-time job.


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