Common Bat Entry Points in Your Oakville Home

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Greetings, fellow Oakville residents! At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we are here to ensure your homes remain safe, comfortable, and free from unwanted critters, specifically bats. Today’s post highlights a pervasive issue for local homeowners, particularly during summer months: bats. So, let’s dive in and learn how to identify and solve this problem, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Identifying Common Bat Entry Points

Bats are highly skilled in discovering tiny openings to access your living spaces. Their small size and agility allow them to exploit even the smallest gaps to create a comfortable den. Knowing where to look and identifying the most vulnerable spaces are essential to help protect your home. Here are some critical areas to inspect:

  1. Roofline and Soffits: The junctions where your roof and soffits meet are often susceptible to forming gaps or cracks over time. These voids can offer the perfect entryway for bats searching for a warm attic to settle.

As you can see in the video below, bats often make use of weak spots along the roofline to gain access to your attic:

  1. Roof and Wall Vents: Warm and inviting air can waft through these vents, beckoning bats to find their way in and make a home out of your house.
  2. Brick & Soffit Gaps: The intersection of brick and soffit materials may create small openings perfect for bats to infiltrate your walls.
  3. Window and Door Frames: As windows and doors age, they can develop crevices that might not be noticeable, but could be all that bats need to enter your home.
  4. Breather Bricks: Although intended to improve your home’s ventilation and protect against dampness, breather bricks inadvertently serve as open invitations for bats seeking a warm dwelling.

A Permanent Solution: Prevention and Exclusion

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we wholeheartedly believe in dealing with issues efficiently and permanently. Prevention and exclusion are The most effective methods for keeping your home bat-free. However, keep in mind bats are a protected species in Ontario; therefore, exclusion can not be completed during a brief period in the summer months to allow time for newborn bats to become mobile. Prevention entails closing off each potential point of entry by:

  1. Caulking and Screening: Utilize high-quality caulking or durable screens to seal any small gaps or cracks, ensuring that there isn’t the slightest chance for bats to wiggle their way inside.
  2. Installing Vent Screenings: Defend your home’s wall and roof vents with suitable screens that bar bats from entering while maintaining necessary airflow.
  3. Applying Mesh to Breather Bricks: Safeguard your breather bricks by reinforcing them with fine mesh, allowing vital ventilation without exposing your home to bats.
  4. Adding Drip Edge to Rooflines: A drip edge, installed along the roofline, helps to maintain a secure barrier between roofing materials and the fascia, effectively sealing off another popular access point for bats.
  5. Reinforcing Soffit Intersections: Ensuring that the junctions between soffits are structurally sound and well-sealed can protect your home against bat infiltration.

Once preventative measures are completed, we progress towards the exclusion phase, ensuring the resident bats exit permanently. Our professional team strategically places ‘bat doors’, enabling bats to exit but preventing re-entry. Thanks to our initial prevention work, their permanent exclusion is ensured. Rest easy knowing your home will be bat-free in no time!

Our mission at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal is to provide expert solutions that guarantee the safety and comfort of our clients. With a wealth of knowledge about local wildlife and vast experience in the field, we stand ready to help Burlington homeowners defend their properties from unwanted pests. Our friendly, professional, and capable team is committed to conducting thorough assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, and promptly sealing off bat entry points, all in accordance with humane and sustainable practices.

Together, let’s keep the bats at bay, preserving our stunning Oakville wildlife while maintaining the sanctity of our homes. Contact us today for any of your wildlife and pest removal needs.


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