Dangers of Bat Guano: Understanding Histoplasmosis and Why You Should Leave the Cleanup to Professionals

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Hello, friends and neighbours! Your local experts from Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal are back with more valuable wildlife insight. Today we are touching on bat guano, specifically the risks of contracting histoplasmosis. This is a critical issue and although it isn’t exceedingly prevalent in the region of Ontario, it should not be ignored. Today, we’re going to discuss these dangers and why a professional wildlife removal company like ours is your safest option.

Bat Guano: More Than Just Droppings

Bats, despite their somewhat eerie reputation, play a pivotal role in our local ecosystem. However, their droppings, more technically called guano, pose a severe health risk to humans. The core of the problem lies with a microscopic fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum. This tricky little organism is often found in bat guano and is the cause of a serious illness named histoplasmosis.


Check out this video to see an example of what bat guano looks like:

How Histoplasmosis Spreads And Its Symptoms

Histoplasmosis is primarily contracted by inhaling dust that contains dried bat guano, thereby introducing the Histoplasma capsulatum fungi into one’s system. Disturbance of bat droppings, such as during cleanup, can cause the fungal spores to become airborne and be accidentally inhaled, thus causing the infection. Early indicators of the disease include fever, cough, and fatigue, which without prompt medical attention can escalate towards chest pain, and shortness of breath among several other complications.

Tracing the Tale of Histoplasmosis in Ontario Bats

Here in Ontario, our extensive bat population has rendered histoplasmosis a significant concern. Evidence shows the presence of this disease in our local bat colonies for an impressive number of years. The illness’s documented history traces back several decades and even centuries, painting a vivid picture of an issue we may have overlooked for too long.

Histoplasmosis cases in humans have occurred throughout the province. It is worth noting that this illness is not just contracted by those who venture into cave explorations or are directly involved with bats. We’ve encountered numerous incidents where individuals unknowingly fell prey to histoplasmosis when merely attempting to clean an attic or a crawl space previously occupied by a bat colony.

The Indisputable Need for a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

Given the intricacies and the health risks associated with bat guano cleanup, it’s a task best left to professionals. But why so?

Firstly, there’s the paramount concern for safety. Our team has immense experience dealing with various wildlife nuisances, including bats and the dangers their guano presents. Equipped with the necessary gear and tools to handle guano cleanup, we ensure reduced risks and guarantee the safe and complete removal of infection causes.

Secondly, our trained team members have an eye for detail. Bat guano isn’t always evident or easily spotted. Our team knows where to look and how to address hidden deposits that might be overlooked by an untrained individual, hence offering a comprehensive solution.

Similarly, time is often of the essence. Prolonged exposure to bat guano increases the chances of inhaling harmful spores. Our team is swift and efficient in carrying out guano cleanup thus minimizing the potential danger of exposure.

When confronted with wildlife issues, especially those linked to bat guano, the challenge isn’t just about addressing the problem—it’s about addressing it the right way. Here at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Control, we place your safety and comfort at the top of our priority list. We aim to not just offer a solution, but a solution that stands up to our commitment to safety and our track record of expertise.

With our friendly smile and dedicated service, we promise to tackle all pest nuisances and help keep your homes a safe, critter-free space – because at the end of the day, we’re not just your professional pest control experts; we’re also your neighbours.

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