Dangers of Relocating Nuisance Raccoons

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At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we are equally concerned with keeping your homes critter-free and ensuring no harm to the many species of nuisance wildlife we come across in the suburbs of Southern Ontario, especially the most popular offender, the raccoons. We maintain an equilibrium between preserving our domestic spaces and the well-being of the critters who occasionally intrude. Today, we wish to unveil the hidden truths about a commonly misunderstood practice – relocating raccoons. Although they are inconvenient or disruptive when encroaching on our living spaces, relocation might not be the cure-all as often assumed. Let’s explore the lesser-known risks of relocating raccoons and why alternate methods may prove more effective and compassionate.

Maternal Raccoon Bonds

Raccoons share strong bonds, with mothers and young people displaying particular closeness, like humans. When an adult raccoon is relocated from its territory, the potential upheaval of separating a mother raccoon from her babies is frequently overlooked. The implications of this disruption are concerning – baby raccoons left alone, without the care and protection of their mother, face formidable challenges, including malnutrition, distress, and, potentially, death.

Beyond the undeniable moral concerns, the separation has pragmatic effects for homeowners. Young raccoons who don’t survive without their mother’s care can lead to additional pest influx, nasty odours, potential property damage, and a demanding clean-up operation. Consequently, mindful handling of raccoon families is essential for ethical and practical reasons.

The Concept of Multiple Dens

Another fascinating aspect of raccoon existence is their practice of establishing several dens within a particular area. This preparedness ensures they have alternate shelters, offering them safety from potential danger or habitat disturbance. Removing a raccoon from its natural territory tosses it into the unknown, away from its established network of dens.

A raccoon forced to navigate unknown terrains without its network of familiar dens and routes is significantly more vulnerable. This dislocation increases raccoon risks, leading to injury, stress, and, more tragically, decreased survival rates. Knowledge of these intricate raccoon habits is crucial to handling raccoon intrusions effectively and humanely.

The Challenges of Unfamiliar Environments

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of relocating raccoons is thrusting them into new, unknown environments where they lack the knowledge of resources, safe harbours, and potential threats. Subjected to a whole new geography, adjusting becomes a survival test for these critters, presenting credible dangers like unfamiliar predators or unpredictable climatic conditions.

New territories often harbour native predators who view these newcomers as easy targets—adding to their stress and trauma. Consequently, relocation, which aims at problem-solving, might sometimes exacerbate the issue, putting relocated raccoons at heightened risk.

Rethinking Our Approaches: Professional Exclusion as an Alternative

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, our dedication rests on creating harmonious solutions that align human necessities with wildlife welfare. Based on our extensive experience, professional exclusion techniques are infinitely better for homeowners and raccoons than harmful relocation practices. These entail gently evicting raccoons from domestic spaces and preventing future re-entry without causing the distress or hazard often linked with relocation.

We have been proudly serving our local community for years, having helped thousands of homeowners overcome various wildlife needs. Raccoons’ exclusion and prevention are our bread and butter; however, they are the most destructive of critters we encounter, as well as the largest and most innovative. For these reasons, dealing with a raccoon issue quickly and permanently is paramount. Backed by our lifetime warranty and our hundreds of 5-star reviews, we are your local raccoon experts.


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