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When discussing wildlife intruding on our property, the usual suspects include raccoons, squirrels, skunks, rodents, bats, or birds. These animals don’t intentionally plan to destroy your garden, attic, or crawlspace; they merely seek refuge, food, and a haven for survival. Unfortunately, their intrusion often brings damage and stress, turning your peaceful home into a wildlife refuge. At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, it’s our only focus—and indeed, our calling—to address this distressing issue using humane methods that are both effective, ethical and permanent.

Why Go Humane?

Traditional wildlife control often draws upon the use of harmful traps or powerful poisons, methods that can have detrimental impacts on both the target animal and the broader ecosystem. These methods are also temporary fixes that don’t address the root of the problem: wildlife attractants and available access points in your home. They might momentarily rid you of a pest, but nothing stops another from taking its place.

In contrast, our approach at Home Free revolves around caring and effective solutions that safeguard wildlife and provide a safe, lasting resolution. We firmly believe in our actions, echoing the sentiment that every critter’s life matters, regardless of size or species. Our methods do more than protect the animals—they pose no risk of secondary poisoning to pets or non-target wildlife that might accidentally come into contact with the poisons.

The Hazards of a DIY Approach

DIY and home remedies can be found by completing a quick internet search, breaking down in great detail measures that will harm the animal or yourself or further damage your home. While attempting wildlife removal yourself might seem economical and adventurous, the consequences can be dire without properly understanding wildlife behaviour and, more importantly, having experience and knowledge as to what areas need to be addressed for prevention. Attempted removal can escalate to dangerous situations, causing injuries or triggering an even more substantial wildlife invasion. Another consideration is that a few species of nuisance wildlife are protected in Ontario, and harming or disrupting their habitat can be illegal.

In this video, you see a great example of how hiring a professional company pays immediate dividends:

Home Free Wildlife’s Humane Approach

When you choose Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, you choose a compassionate and comprehensive approach to wildlife and pest removal that keeps your best interest front and center and the wellbeing of the affected critters.

Our service initiates with a free assessment of your situation. Here, our highly trained team members visit your property, identifying the species involved, the extent of the issue, discerning entry points, and recording damages. Gathering these insights allows us to structure a targeted and effective plan.

We then proceed to install proactive and innovative prevention measures. More often than not, this involves installing a one-way door system at the initial entry point. This ingenious mechanism permits animals to exit your premises safely but will not allow them to return. It’s a stress-free, non-confrontational, highly effective and utterly humane technique.

The final important stage involves thorough cleanup, remediation, and decontamination protocols. Often overlooked, this cleanup process is critical to deter future critters from invading your home by removing lingering animal scents and eradicating potential health risks tied to wildlife droppings or nesting materials.

At Home Free, our focus goes beyond simply evicting your unwanted invaders. Our compassionate, professional, and reliable service guarantees effective problem resolution while treating wildlife humanely and ethically. We bring our vast experience to every project, ensuring every client receives the finest in safe, humane wildlife control. With decades of experience in this local market, we take tremendous pride in our work’s ethical, humane nature and the quality of our service. Backed by our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that Homne Free Wildlife and Pest Removal will get the job done quickly, safely and permanently.



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