Oakville Raccoon Control: Why You Should Keep Your Distance

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Hello, Oakville residents! Raccoons, with their quirky masks and bushy tails, might seem adorable and harmless at first sight. But let’s dive a little deeper. As our suburban footprint continues to encroach on the natural habitats of several species of wildlife, the result is predictable. Critters of all shapes and sizes are being forced to adapt to living in our manmade subdivisions, which is increasingly leading to unwelcome encounters and property damage. At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we’re here to help you understand why it’s crucial to keep a friendly distance from these intriguing critters.

An Inside Look at Raccoon Life

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, meaning they’re most active while we’re catching some Z’s. Their mischievous behaviour often results in unanticipated mess-ups that we discover in the early morning light. These dexterous critters are adept at opening “wildlife-proof” bins and dining on our scraps. They are even better at breaking into small spaces to satisfy their curious natures while causing damage to your property in the process. They keep busy while we are sleeping.

Springtime, traditionally, sees a baby boom in the raccoon community. Mother raccoons can frequently be seen ferrying their fluffy kits around during this period. It’s the season their activity peaks in our neighbourhoods. It’s worth noting that raccoons aren’t true hibernators. They enter torpor—a period of decreased activity during the winter—so don’t be surprised to see them occasionally on a chilly morning.

Raccoons adopt an ‘eat what you can when you can’ philosophy. Their diet ranges from fruits and plants to small animals and, unfortunately, our trash. This adaptability ranks them high among resilient wildlife species.

Why You Should Stay Away

Raccoons in Oakville, harmless as they may initially seem, pose particular risks to residents. They’re typically non-aggressive, but a cornered raccoon or one protecting its young can exhibit unprecedented hostility. Their sharp claws and strong jaws are capable of delivering harmful strikes if they perceive a threat.

Bearing in mind the potential health risks associated with raccoons is crucial. Diseases such as rabies, canine distemper, roundworm, leptospirosis, and giardiasis reside within certain members of the raccoon population.

In addition, raccoons can wreak havoc on your property. Their strength and agility make them adept climbers and excavators. Roof vents and soffits aren’t safe from their curiosity. They can easily rip vents, gnaw through wires, and dismantle insulation to make way for their families.

Signs You Have Raccoons

Telltale signs of raccoons include unusual noises at night—stomping sounds or peculiar vocalizations—and visible damages around your property. If you’ve seen a raccoon or a family of them regularly roaming around your yard, it typically indicates that they’ve found a comfy place to make their nestlace nearby. Remember, they are not very subtle animals; their damages can be relatively unmistakable.

In the video below, you can hear precisely what raccoon vocalizations sound like:

Effective Raccoon Removal

If you face a raccoon invasion, it’s highly recommended to contact a professional wildlife removal specialist like us at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal. We’re well-reviewed online, registered with the Better Business Bureau, and our services come with a warranty. Our team is fully insured, protecting your interests.

We bring our local knowledge, experience, and commitment to safety to every case, handling a wide range of critters. Our goal is to provide practical, humane solutions to your wildlife problems. We aim not just to remove the nuisance but to make sure they don’t come back.

Remember, we’re all about solving your wildlife and pest problems with a friendly smile and professional expertise. So Oakville, let’s make your home pest-free—safely and surely!

Raccoons, while engaging in their own quirky ways, can indeed become a nuisance due to our ever-expanding cities. Though they can cause inconvenience and damage, it’s crucial to remember that they, too, are just trying to live their lives. So, keep your distance, understand their behaviours, and when in doubt—reach out to professionals. We’re here for you!


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