Oakville Wildlife Removal: Bird Mites and Your Home

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While birds are a delight to watch with their beautiful feathers and melodious chirps, they can also bring tiny visitors into our living spaces – bird mites. Home Free Pest Removal has delved into the world of bird mites, discussing their appearance, the risks they pose to your household, and how they can be safely removed. Our blog also highlights our humane bird removal services, executed with utmost care to safeguard your residence without causing any harm to the local wildlife.

Identifying the Invaders

Bird Mites Bird mites usually exist in symbiosis with birds. These tiny arachnids are related to spiders and ticks and perform the essential ecological function of breaking down avian nesting materials and cycling nutrients. Bird mites begin their life cycle in bird nests, where they thrive by consuming avian blood. They start by feeding on hatchlings, but once the fledglings leave the nest, they seek out new sources of sustenance, often within human dwellings.

In the video below, we will get a first-hand look at what bird mites in a wall vent look like and understand the importance of quick, expert removal:

The Hazards of a Bird Mite Infestation

Understanding bird mites is essential to recognize their potential as household pests. Below, we will touch on the most common issues homeowners with bird mites will face.

Bites and Irritation: Despite being just half a millimetre in size, bird mites can cause itchy, inflamed welts upon biting humans. For sensitive individuals, this can escalate into allergic responses or skin conditions.

Rapid Multiplication: The high reproduction rate of these mites means that a few can quickly multiply into an overwhelming infestation, with each female laying plenty of eggs within her brief lifespan.

Residential Infiltration: These tenacious mites can infest beds and personal spaces and survive without their avian hosts for extended periods.

Because of the risks of permanent contamination to our home as well as other potential effects of an infestation, it is essential that you act quickly if you suspect you may have bird mites in your Oakville home. Detection and Eradication of bird mites require vigilance due to their small size. Signs of their presence include:

Mysterious Bites: If you notice bites that appear without a clear cause, especially after locating a nearby bird nest, it might suggest a mite issue.

Tiny Active Dots: Using a magnifying tool, you might observe these small, eight-legged entities moving on various surfaces. Take a look at several surfaces around your home; they can be in door jams, electrical sockets, upholstery and even drawers.

If You Suspect Mite Presence:

Remove Nest: Have a skilled technician remove any bird nests adjacent to your home – the root of the problem.

Deep Cleaning: Vigorously vacuum every nook and carpet. Immediately dispose of or clean the vacuum container to stop mite dispersal. It is also vital to wash any possibly affected textiles, such as linens and clothes, in hot water.

Contacting experts in pest management, especially those specializing in bird mites, is crucial for complete Eradication. Home Free Pest Removal: Your Humane Solution In Oakville, our expertise is reflected in our compassionate approach to bird removal and our immaculate reputation in the industry.  We value cohabitation with wildlife while ensuring the safety of your home environment. We tailor our humane bird eviction methods to align with each client’s circumstances, ensuring a kind yet efficient resolution to your mite dilemma. If you have any questions or concerns about bird mites, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out our contact form.


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