Preventing a Bat Infestation in Your Oakville Home

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At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we understand that having uninvited guests in your Oakville home can be unsettling. Bats, especially, can be a bit of a nightmare when they decide to infiltrate your living space. But worry not, as we are your local bat removal experts! Our highly trained and experienced technicians, backed by our lifetime warranty, ensure that your home remains critter-free and you can sleep soundly. In this blog post, we will discuss how to prevent a bat infestation and why it’s crucial to involve expert help, as bats are a protected species in Ontario.

1. Close Entry Points

The first step towards keeping your home bat-free is identifying every possible entry point. It is highly advisable to hire a professional wildlife prevention outfit to correctly and accurately assess your specific situation. Bats are a protected species in Ontario; therefore, causing harm to any bat is illegal. Bats are known to be resourceful and can squeeze through the tiniest cracks in your home’s structure. To completely block off bats’ access, you need an expert who can thoroughly assess your home and identify every nook and cranny that might serve as a secret passage.

In this video, you can see precisely how easy it is for a bat to access your home:

Our Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal team specializes in conducting extensive inspections, quickly pinpointing any vulnerability in your home’s exterior. Once we know their potential entry points, we use a mix of materials like corrugated steel screen, caulking, and reinforcements to fortify your home, ensuring your home is permanently protected against back intrusions.

2. Install Bat Doors

Our team recommends installing bat doors when dealing with persistent bat infestations in high-traffic areas. These cone-shaped devices are designed with a wider entrance and a narrow exit point, allowing bats to make a one-way trip out of your home without finding their way back in.

Bat doors are an efficient, humane solution to keeping bats at bay. They are instrumental in areas where bats may be roosting, like attics or crawlspaces. Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal’s experienced professionals have installed countless bat doors in Oakville homes, providing effective results while minimizing the impact on these protected creatures.

3. Remove Attractants

As with any pest issue, it is crucial to eliminate the factors that attract bats to your home. Making your home less inviting significantly reduces the chances of bats moving in. Start by removing stagnant water and food sources, such as exposed garbage cans or pet food. A clean, debris-free exterior is less likely to harbour insects, a prime food source for bats.

Make it a point to clean your gutters regularly and trim any overhanging branches, as these can provide bats easy access to insects and your home’s structure. Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal can also help identify the attractants and ensure your home remains inhospitable to bats.

The Importance of Expert Help

While these steps can significantly reduce the risk of bat infestations, we must emphasize the importance of working with trained experts for these tasks. Bats are a protected species in Ontario, and handling them requires specific knowledge, experience, and a gentle touch.

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we understand the responsibility of handling these fascinating creatures. Our team has received extensive training and employs eco-friendly methods that ensure our clients’ safety and minimize the impact on bats.

In conclusion, preventing a bat infestation in your Oakville home requires the expertise of trained professionals. Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal has the skills, experience, and dedication to make your life bat-free without causing harm to these protected animals. We’re just a friendly call away, ready to help you make your home a pest-free environment again.


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