Proven Methods for Keeping Skunks From Living Under Decks

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At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we understand your outdoor area is a spot for relaxation, family time, and a safe zone for pets. Nobody wants a skunk intruding on your summer evenings in the backyard. If you’ve got skunks, there’s a safe, lasting solution. Read on to tackle the skunk issue beneath your deck.

Why Skunks are Attracted to Decks

Skunks are opportunistic animals in search of a safe, quiet, and warm place to call home. Decks offer the perfect hiding spot for these nocturnal creatures, providing an enclosed space that shields them from predators and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, if there is easy access to food sources nearby, such as garbage cans or pet food, this may further entice skunks to take up residence under a deck.

Problem with Skunks Under Your Deck

While skunks play a valuable role in your local ecosystem, there are several reasons you don’t want them living on your property:

  1. Foul odours due to their infamous spray, often released when frightened or threatened
  2. Damage to deck structures from skunks digging or burrowing underneath
  3. Risk of diseases, such as rabies, carried by skunks
  4. Aggressive behaviour when cornered, posing a threat to humans and pets alike
  5. And of course, a disrupted outdoor living experience

Home Remedies vs Professional Skunk Prevention

Some homeowners opt for home remedies or DIY methods of skunk prevention, but it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on the best course of action.

Home Remedies


  • Can be cost-effective
  • Can be done at your convenience
  • Is the easiest option available usually


  • Chances of getting the job done properly are minimal
  • Skunks will return if not correctly addressed
  • The potential for injury during the removal process
  • The risk of disease transmission from handling skunks

Professional Skunk Prevention


  • Expertise in identifying skunk entry points and hiding spots
  • Safe, efficient, and humane skunk removal techniques
  • Thorough inspection, sealing off access points, and decontamination of the area
  • Ongoing support and prevention


  • Will cost more than your typical DIY attempt

Top Skunk Prevention Tips and Techniques

Professional Inspection

Hiring professionals for a thorough inspection is imperative to assess the severity of the skunk problem. Skilled technicians will identify all entry points and vulnerable spots while examining potential damages caused by the animals. This inspection will provide a solid foundation for crafting an effective skunk removal and prevention plan tailored to your situation.

Sealing Off All Access Points

To keep skunks from returning, make sure to seal off all access points underneath your deck. This can include:  

  • Installing corrugated steel mesh around the deck’s perimeter, buried several inches into the ground to prevent digging
  • Utilizing a one-way door system to ensure no animals will be sealed under the deck during the prevention process.
  • Regularly inspecting your property for new openings and addressing them immediately to prevent access

A professional wildlife removal company will ensure these tasks are performed safely, effectively, and in accordance with local regulations. reputable companies will also provide a lifetime warranty on their work.

Remediation and Decontamination

Following the removal of any skunks from under your deck, it’s necessary to clean and decontaminate the area. Skunks leave behind urine, feces, and oils from their spray, which can attract other wildlife, transmit diseases, and produce lingering odours. A professional service will help you remediate the situation and restore your deck to its original, clean state.

Natural Deterrents

In conjunction with the above techniques, natural deterrents can help discourage skunks from taking up residence under your deck:

  • Remove food sources such as garbage cans, pet food, and bird feeders to minimize the attractants
  • Implement proper landscaping techniques to eliminate hiding spots, like trimming low-lying bushes and minimizing debris
  • Use bright, motion-activated lights around the deck area, as skunks prefer to reside in dark places

Frequently Asked Questions About Skunk Prevention

Q: Can skunks climb, or do they only dig and burrow?

A: Skunks are not known climbers, but they are excellent at digging and burrowing. Their primary skills lie in creating dens underground rather than scaling fences or barriers.

Q: How can I safely and humanely remove a skunk without it spraying?

A: The best way to safely and humanely remove a skunk without it spraying is to hire a professional wildlife removal service. Their expertise and tools help them handle the situation cautiously and effectively.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

Skunks under the deck can not only cause damage but also seriously detract from your ability to enjoy your property. Prevention is key, so contact a professional service specializing in wildlife removal to ensure the problem is solved safely, effectively, and humanely. With the tips laid out in this comprehensive guide, you can reclaim your outdoor space and live skunk-free with a smile.


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