Residential Mouse Eviction: Why Poison and Traps Fall Short

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Greetings from the dedicated team at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal! We are your local wildlife and pest removal experts committed to making your home critter-free and peaceful. Today, we’re turning our expert spotlight on a common household intruder: mice. Despite their tiny size, these unwelcome guests can present hefty problems if not addressed quickly. While traps and poison might seem like natural first steps in your mouse eviction plan, trust us – they often don’t provide permanent solutions. Here’s why.

Unearthing the Ineffectiveness of Traps and Poison

When facing a mouse problem in your home, it’s easy to fall into the trap (pun intended) of taking shortcuts. Sure, mouse traps and poison seem effective on the surface. After all, they’ve been the traditional pest control go-to’s for generations. However, as pest control connoisseurs with a deep-seated understanding of wildlife behaviour, we can tell you with absolute certainty that poison or traps will never be a permanent solution to your rodent issue.

In this video you can also see how inhumane traditional glue traps can be:

Mouse traps and poison might take care of a percentage of the infestation, but they’re not a solution to deal with the root cause. Why? Because they overlook the source of the problem: as long as there are access points on the exterior of your home, mice will always get in. What’s worse, if you miss even one small area they can gain access through, you’ll soon be back to square one. Mice are notorious for their quick breeding capabilities, and more often than not, a seemingly small mouse problem hides an ever-expanding family away from your sight.

Prevention Work: Laying the Foundation of a Mouse-Proof Home

An old saying rings particularly true in pest control circumstances – ‘Prevention is better than population control’. Fortifying your home to be uninviting to mice is the key to a critter-free living space. Here’s a deeper look at some crucial prevention elements:

  • Breather Bricks & Roof Vents: Breather bricks and roof vents are very common entry points for mice in residential buildings. Ensure they are covered with a corrugated steel wire that permits airflow but denies access to our furry invaders.
  • Soffit and Roof Intersections: Mice are exceptional climbers and can find these areas an excellent route into your home. It is necessary to professionally seal these potential entry points, taking care to not block roof ventilation while closing the door on pest invasions.
  • Gaps near Windows and Doors, A/C Units, and Garages: Mice are small creatures that can squeeze through even the tiniest of gaps. Regular inspections and sealant work around windows, doors, A/C units, as well as garages can deter them from making your home their shelter. Reputable wildlife companies will use special wildlife-designed caulking to cover these gaps.

Moving Past Prevention: The One-Way Door Eviction Plan

Once you’ve ensured every potential entry point is secured, it’s time for eviction. Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal implements a humane yet effective tactic: one-way door systems. This unique method allows the mice to exit your home for food but prevents them from returning. This way, you aren’t killing an animal but merely relocating them out of your habitat.

Necessary Clean-Up: Remediation of Contaminated Areas

Post-eviction, the work’s not over. Mice infestations, large or small, can contaminate your living spaces with droppings, urine, and nesting materials. These can potentially harbour harmful bacteria and parasites, posing a risk to your health. Professional remediation can effectively clean and sanitize these spaces, evicting the unseen remnants of your mouse problem.

The Cost-Saving Choice: Why A Wildlife Removal Professional is Your Best Bet

At this point, you might be wondering – why not do it all yourself? It looks doable, right? Well, here’s where we bring in a reality check: wildlife removal isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a complex process that calls for specific knowledge, practical experience, and crucially, the understanding of safety measures. Attempts at DIY can not only exacerbate the infestation but also risk personal injury or damage to your home.

Investing in professional wildlife removal services might show a higher initial cost, but when you weigh in the long-term benefits, it prevails as the more cost-effective, stress-free solution. No recurring infestations mean no repeat visits to the store for more traps and poison. No property damage translates to fewer repairs on your to-do list. Most importantly, a critter-free home offers peace of mind and a promise of comfort for you and your loved ones.

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, our mission is to equip you with professional, reliable services that make your lives easier, safer, and well, pest-free. We’re just a call away from serving you with our local expertise and friendly solutions. Trust us to oust those sneaky mice and keep them out for good. Because a happy home is a mouse-free home!


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