Residential Skunk Prevention in Burlington

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If you’re living in Burlington, Ontario, you may have encountered a common issue many residents face – skunks nesting under structures on your property, namely, your decks, sheds, and porches. We, at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, understand how important your peace and tranquility at home is. With extensive local experience and expertise in wildlife and pest problems, we’re here to offer insights into why skunks burrow under structures, discuss the risks associated with not addressing these critters, and illustrate how our intervening prevention strategies can effectively guard your homes against these black and white intruders.

Why Skunks Dig Under Structures

Skunks are famously nocturnal creatures constantly on the lookout for dark, quiet, and cozy habitats. It is this quest for safety and comfort that drives them to dig under structures. These man-made structures provide the perfect hidden dens for them to sleep, seek refuge from possible predators, and raise their offspring. While their presence may initially appear innocuous, and somewhat a part of natural cohabitation, it quickly escalates into an issue that demands immediate attention and professional intervention.

In the video below we have a perfect example of skunks taking up residence under a man-made structure:

The Risks of Neglecting Skunk Infestations

When skunks settle under your structures, they invite numerous complications, including:

  • Property damage: Skunks’ constant digging can weaken the foundations of structures they burrow under, which over time could potentially result in extensive and costly repairs.
  • The threat of spraying: In a confrontational scenario, be it with a family member or pet, a threatened skunk reacts by spraying, leaving a notoriously unpleasant smell that can be difficult to eliminate.
  • Disease transmission: Skunks are known carriers of several diseases, including rabies, which pose a health hazard to humans and pets alike.

The Methodology behind Our Skunk Prevention Services

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we adopt a comprehensive two-pronged approach to ward off skunks from your living spaces:

  1. Installation of physical barriers: We dig trenches around the perimeter of your affected structures and install corrugated steel mesh. This sturdy barrier prevents skunks from burrowing through while simultaneously reinforcing your structure’s foundation.
  2. Implementation of a one-way door system: Should there be any lingering skunks, we install a one-way door system, enabling them to leave your property safely and ensuring they cannot re-enter.

Should there be baby skunks onsite, we exercise utmost care to gently remove them. We place them in a specially designed baby box positioned near the exit, where the mother is able to collect them when the coast is clear and things have quietened down.

The Value of Professional Wildlife Companies

Skunk prevention may seem like an attainable DIY project, but it’s far more complex, risky, and demanding than it appears. Here’s why outsourcing it to a professional wildlife company like ours is a savvy decision:

  • Avoidance of further damage: Our team of skilled professionals is trained to deal with wildlife nuisances in a way that circumvents additional damage to your property.
  • Upkeep of safety: We prioritize your safety, and that of the animals, ensuring you avoid potential risks of injury or getting sprayed by a threatened skunk.
  • Provision of comprehensive solutions: We draw from our wealth of knowledge in pest and wildlife management to devise effective, holistic solutions that provide enduring relief from skunk intrusions.

Let us take the worries of skunk intrusions off your plate. Trust Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal to address your skunk problems comprehensively, with the right blend of professionalism, experience, friendliness, and efficacy. Your home in Burlington, Ontario, can be the safe, skunk-free haven you envision in no time. Reach out to us today to understand how best we can assist you!


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