Say Goodbye to Birds in Your Vents

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Welcome to the Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal blog, where we turn our wealth of local expertise into your practical guidance. Today, we’re tackling a common problem faced by homeowners across Southern Ontario – birds nesting in vents. Whether it’s it’s simply to stop the chirping early in the morning or if it’s to keep your vents functioning safely and disease-free, dealing with birds nesting in your wall vents is not something you should put off. Fortunately, the solution is straightforward and in most cases can be resolved same day.

Do You Have Feathered Friends?

It may be easy to miss the fact that birds have moved into your wall vents, especially in the spring and early summer. Before you know it there will be pounds of nesting and other contaminants to deal with. Take a good walk around your home and look for signs that birds may be nesting. They will leave subtle signs that might easily go unnoticed. Watch out for visible damage to your wall vent covering. Feathers, bird droppings, or debris around the vent could signal a nest inside. Furthermore, if your once quiet vents now have distinct chirping, it’s pretty clear — you’ve got birds nesting in your vents.

Caution: Risks of Bird Nesting

Nests may seem innocuous enough, but they host a series of unwelcome risks. First on the list are bird mites, tiny parasites that hitch a ride on birds and their nests. Their bite may not harm humans, but it doesn’t add to your comfort either.

Birds in vents are also potential carriers of diseases. Bacteria can circulate through your home’s ventilation system if not properly dealt with. Additionally, nest placement near the vent opening can be an overlooked fire hazard — dry twigs and hot air don’t work well together. Add potential vent damage to the list, and you have a persuasive case for eviction.

DIY Doesn’t Always Fly

With this array of risks in mind, going the DIY route might seem like an attractive, quick-fix solution. But let’s pause for a moment. Trying to evict the birds personally increases the chance of accidentally injuring them, harming yourself, or damaging your property. Not to mention, the success rate significantly drops when using DIY methods, as birds are wily creatures with a knack for finding their way back to their nest.

Home Free’s Offer: A helping, experienced hand

Handling bird removal professionally, economically and efficiently is what we do best at Home Free Pest Removal. First, we complete a thorough examination of the entire exterior of your home, assessing the extent and nature of the issue. Our team will then remove all nesting and other contaminants, if birds are present they will be safely relocated. Then we sanitize the area fully, eliminating any potential health threats.

But our task doesn’t end there. To prevent this from ever happening again, we will install corrugated steel mesh over the vent cover. It will ensure no birds can ever get back in, without compromising your ventilation. We guarantee it.


Having birds in your vents can turn from a mild nuisance to a significant issue, posing both health hazards and risk of damage to your home. DIY removal methods carry their own set of dangers and are often inefficient.Don’t let the situation get out of hand, call us today for all your wildlife and pest removal needs.


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