Squirrels and Electrical Wiring: Protect Your Oakville Home

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Have you ever detected peculiar sounds, such as scurrying or scratching behind your walls, or discovered damage to the outside caused by critters breaking in? It’s understandable if these occurrences are a cause for concern. To our valued Oakville residents, we inform you that squirrels might be the culprits behind this disruption. These stealthy creatures are often responsible for various electrical issues within homes, driven by their relentless gnawing tendencies, which irresistibly draw them to chew through electrical wires. This realization may come as quite a surprise, yet an undetected squirrel infestation can also have other adverse effects, from spreading disease to damage to your insulation; this underscores the need for prompt and efficient action.

It’s essential for homeowners to be well-informed about the consequences of such infestations, to recognize the indicative signs, and to understand the steps required to swiftly address these issues, thereby ensuring their homes’ safety and integrity.

In this comprehensive guide, we aim to equip you with practical strategies to deal with these furry intruders and to introduce the pivotal role of our Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal technicians in managing a squirrel issue.

Let’s start by looking at the type of other damage squirrels cause outside of electrical issues. This should underscore the importance of dealing with a squirrel problem quickly:

The Impact of Squirrels on Your Home’s Wiring

When squirrels gnaw on your electrical wiring, they strip away the insulation, revealing the conductive metal underneath. This scenario can introduce several dangers to your household, including:

Unexpected Power Failures: Gnawed wires can interrupt your electricity flow, leading to unforeseen power outages. Such interruptions not only inconvenience you but may also jeopardize the functionality of your electronics, which depend on a continuous power source. Swift action is crucial to circumvent these issues and their potential threats, including the risk of fire hazards that could endanger your family.

Damage to Devices: Irregular power caused by compromised wiring can affect your electronic gadgets, leading to potential malfunctions and even early failure. This situation could result in a hefty financial strain over time as the need for repairs or replacements grows.

Furthermore, fixing or replacing wiring that squirrels have damaged can be an expensive and inconvenient venture, significantly disrupting the regular operation of crucial home systems.

Electrical Short Circuits: Bare wires are a recipe for short circuits, which are not only a risk for sparking fires but, in extreme cases, could lead to comprehensive harm to your electrical network, necessitating expensive fixes. These incidents could severely damage your property and compromise the safety of your loved ones.

Signs You Have a Squirrel Problem

If you do, in fact, have squirrels taking up residents in your home, some clear indicators should tip you off shortly after they have broken in. Because they keep similar hours to humans, you will hear activity at dusk and dawn as they come and go from the home and these hours. This should prompt you to investigate further.

The following signs may accompany the unusual noises:

  • Gnawed-on wires: Squirrels sport formidable, ever-growing teeth. They tend to gnaw relentlessly, often targeting your home’s electrical circuits, leading to potential electrical outages and fire hazards. This poses a significant risk to your property and the inhabitants, necessitating immediate intervention.
  • Gathering of nest material: When you start spotting twigs, leaves, and other such materials in less-expected spots like your attic or cellar, it’s likely a squirrel’s nesting site. These nesting materials can pose an electrical fire risk and, over time, potentially contribute to structural damage owing to the mass and constant activity of the squirrels.
  • Exterior damage: Squirrels can gnaw on exterior wood and, alarmingly, even metal to gain home entry. This frequent gnawing can cause damage but also set the stage for further issues like water leaks and structural concerns.
  • Unpleasant smells: Over time, accumulated squirrel excrement or urine within your insulation can produce a potent, disagreeable odour. This smell can permeate your home, making your living spaces less appealing.

These signs indicate not just a squirrel issue but also give some insight into the damage they can cause to your Oakville home.

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