The Art of Baby Squirrel Removal

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Dealing with any form of nuisance wildlife in your home is not a task many enjoy. Squirrels, while delightful to observe in their natural habitats, commonly become unwelcome guests often found breaking into the attic, garages and shed to seek shelter from the elements and make a home for the winter. In the fall, this issue escalates, when mother squirrels look to settle into our homes to ensure they have a safe spot for their litters. This deep dive into the professional approach adopted by Home Free Pest Removal will shed light on how best to navigate baby squirrel removal, prevention strategies, and the reasoning behind investing in professional services instead of adopting a do-it-yourself approach.

Squirrel in Your Home

Getting to the bottom of why squirrels break into homes is pretty much an exercise in common sense. For squirrels, survival necessitates finding an environment that’s free from predators, safe from the elements, and cozy – all of which your attic or wall cavities conveniently provide. Beginning as the colder weather sets in, squirrel breeding season kicks off. This is the time when mother squirrels seek out safe places to settle in for the winter. They will typically have their litter in the spring, and occasionally a secondary one in late summer. Therefore squirrels are more or less a year-round nuisance in our neighbourhoods.

However, adorable as they may appear, these long-tailed critters are far from harmless. Their incisors, specially adapted to gnaw tough surfaces, can wreak havoc on your insulation, wiring, wooden structures, and even personal belongings stored in attics or sheds. The results span from disturbances caused by noise during odd hours to more serious threats, such as potential fire hazards due to gnawed-through wiring.


Once squirrels have chosen your home, acting quickly is imperative. Waiting them out is not an option as they have the potential to do serious damage as well as make a real mess as they birth their litters. Instead, employing a proactive approach safeguards your home before the critters settle in permanently. This starts by having a wildlife company assess the situation from a prevention viewpoint.

Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal team leverages its wealth of experience to assess your building for any vulnerabilities that squirrels might exploit. Predominantly, these fall into roof vents, intersections between roof soffits, fragile roof boards, and the plumbing systems on your roof.

After identifying potential access points, the team will seal them off, thereby ensuring your home is protected against any unwanted wildlife. Notable, the application of these preventative measures will not affect the aesthetics of your home. Rather, our work will blend seamlessly with your building’s façade, preserving its curb appeal while ensuring it’s protected permanently against critters.

One Way Door Systems

In instances where our furry friends have already made their nest in your home, eviction becomes necessary. This is a process best left to the professionals as their training and experience allow for them to be the safest and most efficient option. Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal ensures this process aligns with humane, ethical wildlife prevention and exclusion principles.

Our most valuable tool in this process is the one-way door system. This ingenious contraption allows ingressed critters to depart freely but locks them out ensuring they won’t get back in, permanently evicting them from your property. Bringing to an end their time in your home without causing them any physical harm.

In this video you can see young squirrels using the one way door system to exit an attic in Burlington, Ontario:

Dealing with Baby Squirrels

The issue becomes more delicate when dealing with baby squirrels who are too young and not yet mobile to navigate and exit themselves. If their mother leaves, they can’t follow her, leading to a potentially tragic situation of severing them from their mother’s care.

To prevent this, baby squirrels are gently and safely removed by our trained technicians and relocated to an insulated box outside. Placed near the access point, this box keeps them sheltered and within reach of their mother. She can then find them easily and move them to a new location, thus ensuring no harm comes to either the mom or the offspring, keeping in line with our philosophy of humane wildlife practices.

The Case for Professionals Over DIY

A DIY approach to wildlife control may seem like a quick or cheaper fix. However, the complexities involved make it a risky venture at best.

Wildlife control and prevention are multifaceted fields requiring expertise and a deep understanding of specific animal traits, behaviours, and habitats, and more importantly experience and training in prevention in residential homes. Also, the regulations governing certain species of wildlife control are stringent and demand professionals who are well-versed in local wildlife laws.

Hiring Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal guarantees a comprehensive range of services tailored to your home’s unique needs. With us, you can be sure your property is being treated with care by an experienced team that merges technical ability with compassion toward wildlife.

To sum it up, navigating a squirrel infestation, especially when babies are involved, demands delicate handling, extensive knowledge, and a committed approach. Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal brings together these ingredients, honed over years in the industry, to provide a service that allows you to enjoy your home worry-free. Our dedication lies in ensuring your home remains critter-free, permanently.


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