The Importance of Wildlife Inspection for Your Home

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Handling human-wildlife conflict is becoming more routine than we’d hope. In the same vein that you’d ensure to schedule a traditional home inspection, a wildlife inspection is equally crucial. Did you know that approximately 80% of homes have experienced some form of pest issue? From a playful family of skunks nested under your shed to bats silently roosting in your attic, you may have had a brush with uninvited pests if you live in a suburban home in southern Ontario. Home Free Pest Removal has the training and experience to assess any wildlife situation you may encounter.

Common Wildlife Species In Our Homes

Topping the list of greatest hits in the wildlife encroachment scene are, unsurprisingly, mice. As nocturnal creatures, they often make homes in your attic, walls and other quiet spots in your house. The bulk of the activity happens when no one is home or in the middle of the night- when the risk of encountering humans is at its lowest.

The second place belongs to the masked bandits, raccoons. While they might score high on the cuteness scale, they can be seriously destructive, especially in late winter and early spring (breeding season). Raccoons are quite the fearless invaders, targeting attics, sheds, hot tubs or under decks. The quicker they are dealt with, the better to minimize damage. Once their little kits are born, the complications tied to removal and the associated costs can increase.

Moving on to bats, they present a silent danger in the form of histoplasmosis, a disease caught from inhaling dried bat guano (droppings). Due to their protected status, their removal mandates hiring professionals. Failure to address them promptly can increase damage and contamination risks as their colony grows.

Next on our lineup are squirrels. While their bushy tails can be endearing, their teeth never stop growing – causing them to chew everything in sight incessantly. These cute but dangerous houseguests can pose a severe risk of wire damage, structural degradation, and filth from their nesting habits.

Skunks, oh, those sweet-smelling creatures, prefer digging under decks, porches, and sheds, turning them into their homely abodes. Other than the notorious odiferous defence mechanism that could leave your pets smelling less than pleasant, they also have a knack for gnawing at your lawn and garden.

Lastly, we have birds, who find wall vents perfectly cozy for their nest-building endeavours. Unfortunately, as they continue expanding their nests throughout the season, they pose a fire hazard and risk of blocked airflow.

Key Elements of a Wildlife Inspection

Our thorough wildlife inspection, which typically lasts 30-45 minutes (depending on the size of your home and specific issues), has been designed with meticulous attention to detail. Our experienced technicians will assess everything – from the foundation, garage, door and window frames, and wall vents to the roof, roof vents, plumbing systems, and roof boards.

Once the inspection is completed, you can expect a comprehensive summary of our findings and suggested preventative steps; all served with our promise of safety and expertise. Remember, reputable companies like ours will always stand behind the quality of their work by offering a lifetime warranty.

In the video below, you can see the value of having a home inspection conducted at your home:

Protecting Your Home

Your home represents more than just a building; it is one of your most significant investments. With nuisance wildlife becoming an increasingly common hurdle for residential homeowners, it’s crucial to take proactive steps. Don’t wait until your pristine attic becomes infested with mice or your garden transforms into a skunk playground. Safeguard your peace of mind, and let us help you ensure your home remains your haven. Contact us at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal; we’re only a call away!

Remember, at Home Free Pest Removal, we’re not just about getting the job done; we’re about doing it with knowledge, commitment, a friendly smile, and the promise to restore your home to a critter-free environment.


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