Understanding and Managing Bats in Your Oakville Home

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Hello, Oakville! At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we share your respect and admiration for our wildlife, particularly the fascinating creatures called bats. These nocturnal creatures keep our environment balanced by consuming countless insects each night, most notably relieving us from bothersome mosquitoes. However, they consume and regulate the population of many other insects. Because of their instrumental role in our ecosystem, bats are a protected species in Ontario – a fact we proudly endorse.

However, it’s a different ball game if bats choose your home as their roosting haven. An essential part of co-existing with wildlife is understanding where and when to draw boundaries. Therefore, it becomes pivotal to comprehend the dangers that bats can pose to your home and health and the need for swift, professional intervention.

Health Risks Associated with Bats

To start, let’s talk about the health risks. Although a minimal percentage of bats are carriers of rabies, ignoring the risk can be a grave mistake. Rabies, as we know, is a potentially fatal disease. But the hazard doesn’t stop there. Another invisible enemy lurks in the guise of bat droppings—better known as guano. When guano becomes dry and pulverized, it disperses into the air and can potentially propagate the dangerous fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Once inhaled, this fungus can cause histoplasmosis, a lung disease that can be severe, especially for those with a weakened immune system. If bats have deemed your attic or walls their homestead, professional evaluation and cleanup become a top priority to ensure the health and safety of your family.

The Toll on Your Property

Besides the health hazards, the unwelcomed bat colonies can compromise the integrity of your property. Their continuous activities, such as scratching, shifting, and especially the buildup of nesting, urine, and guano, can lead to severe wear and tear. The compacted layers of guano, particularly dangerous if they get damp, can seep into and weaken wooden structures, ruining your insulation and affecting your home’s thermal performance, not to mention the unmistakable odour. These conditions can depreciate your property’s resale value significantly. It is important to remember that bats, while exemplary in their roles in the ecosystem, can be disastrous house guests!

As you see in the video below, in extreme cases, bat guano can be an absolute nightmare to remediate:

Entryways Into Your Home

So, how do these airborne guests infiltrate your household? Bats can smoothly manoeuvre through holes and gaps as small as one centimetre. Commonly exploited access points include breather bricks, cracks around door and window frames, weakened sections in the roof boards, and roof vents. Their physiological flexibility can often pose a significant challenge for homeowners trying to identify and block these entry points.

Recognizing Signs of Bats in Your Home

Reading the signs of a bat intrusion is crucial to bat management. Regular inspections around your property can provide you with early clues. You may notice bat guano piling up near exterior walls, which could hint at the bats’ entry and exit points. Discolorations and odours can also indicate bat presence. Observing bat activity around your property at dusk and unusual noises in your attic and walls indicate that you might share your home with a bat colony. Quick detection can significantly aid in starting a professional bat removal process and minimizing risks.

Eradicating the Problem

Suspecting a bat problem? It’s time to bring in the experts—right away! Bats are a protected species, and attempting to seal off your home or experience DIY extraction can be risky for you, harmful to the bats, and against the law. At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we are proud of our professional, wildlife-friendly approach. With our extensive experience, we will pinpoint the bat’s entry points, safely and humanely evict the colony, and carry out a thorough cleanup. Our team is committed to making your home bat-proof by sealing potential entry points and repairing any damage caused by these winged tenants.

Our responsibility is to live harmoniously with nature, yet it’s often challenging. We understand the unease you may feel with wildlife invading your private space. But fret not; with Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal by your side, you can rest assured we will swiftly restore your home to a pest-free environment.

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