Understanding Raccoons: The Potential Damage to Your Home

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Greetings, dear readers! Today, we’re shining a spotlight on a topic that’s been on the rise in southern Ontario suburbs: the underestimated and surprisingly destructive instances of raccoons breaking into residential properties. Despite their cute and seemingly harmless appearance, raccoons can cause an incredible amount of damage to your home if they decide to settle in. Our extensive work and hands-on experience in wildlife and pest removal at Home Free have revealed some serious scenarios that you should be aware of.

Damage to Your Roof

We’re starting from the top—literally. Raccoons are quite adept climbers, and unfortunately, your roof is a commonly sought-after entry point for these critters. Their sharp claws and strong teeth are all the tools they need to gnaw and scratch through roof materials, be it sturdy vents, plumbing stacks, or even the board that forms your roof.

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Left unaddressed, this ensuing damage can lead to a host of troubles. The physical breakage exposes a path for water infiltration, setting the stage for leaks and water damage. The invasion into your attic leads to another spectrum of difficulties that we’ll delve into shortly. Besides, structural damage can cause serious safety risks, putting your family and property directly in harm’s way.

Damaged and Chewed Wires

Their mischief doesn’t stop at your roof, though. One particularly dangerous habit raccoons engage in is the gnawing and fraying of electrical wires. This destructive behaviour can expose bare wires, creating a severe fire risk. It’s a silent, looming danger, with the wires often being out of sight, in walls or attics, making detection difficult without expert help.

Further, the financial implications of repairing your home’s electrical system could be formidable, another reason why catching and addressing a raccoon infestation early is paramount.

Compromise to the Home’s Structural Integrity

Raccoons’ strength and dexterity extend beyond roofs and wires—they are perfectly capable of causing significant distress to your home’s structural integrity. They can claw, chew, and bite through walls, wooden beams, and flooring to create nesting spaces, leading to weakened structures.

Damage like this goes beyond inconvenience. Over time, these activities could potentially cause long-term instability in your home, leading to potentially dangerous circumstances and expensive repairs.

Contamination Risks

In addition to the physical damage, raccoons bring with them potential biohazard risks. Raccoons nest in your home, meaning they eat, sleep, and defecate there too. The result is an unpleasant situation where areas of your home, particularly your attics and walls, become contaminated with raccoon feces and urine.

These biohazard materials are more than just gross—they pose serious health risks such as spreading parasites and various raccoon-borne diseases, creating another layer of trouble for homeowners.

Insulation Under Assault

Under the soft, fluffy layer of your home’s insulation, a hidden battle may be raging. Raccoons adore the warmth and seclusion insulation offers and they will shred and compact your insulation to form their nests, reducing its effectiveness substantially.

This damage can lead to increased energy costs. Poor insulation leads to more heating in the winter and more cooling in the summer. It’s an insidious, slow damage that many homeowners don’t consider until the bills arrive.

We hope that by understanding the potential threats raccoons pose, you can see why it’s so vital to promptly address any issues. It’s not an instance of simple nuisance, but a matter of safeguarding the health, safety, and even the financial security of your family.

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we’re not just experts; we’re your trusted neighbours. We won’t just professionally remove the raccoons; we’ll do it efficiently and safely, using our years of experience. We leave our clients and friends with safer homes and peace of mind.

If you suspect a raccoon has made your home theirs, don’t panic, we’re here for you. Our pledge is to make your home critter-free with a friendly demeanour and a professional approach. Call Home Free Pest Removal today and let us help protect your home. We’ll ensure those unwanted raccoon guests are gone, leaving you in peace to enjoy your home again. Play safe, stay vigilant, and until next time, keep those pests away!


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