Urban Rats: Understanding Their World

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In the vast tapestry of urban life, rats have found a surprisingly comfortable niche. These cunning survivors are not just living among us; they’re thriving, turning our cities into their personal playgrounds. At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding these creatures. Why? To better protect your home and return it to a peaceful sanctuary free from unwanted guests. Let’s dive deeper into the fascinating, albeit pesky, world of urban rats, unravelling their behaviours and learning how we can safeguard our homes against them.

The Social Structure of Rat Colonies

Rat colonies are more intricate than most of us realize. These creatures don’t just coexist; they form complex societies, governed by rules and power dynamics. At the top, the alpha rats reign, dictating who gets access to the best food and nesting spots. Their dominance is not a quiet affair – it’s proclaimed through various actions, from chasing subordinates to engaging in bouts of what can only be described as aggressive grooming. Here at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, our approach to rat removal considers these hierarchical structures, utilizing strategies that disrupt the colony’s balance and encourage the pests to move on.

Non-Stop Chewing and Gnawing

A rat’s life is, in part, defined by an incessant need to gnaw. Their incisors grow continuously, demanding regular maintenance to keep them at a functional length. While this might be a simple matter of survival in the wild, in the urban jungle, it translates to damaged property. From gnawed electrical wiring raising the spectre of fires to compromising the structural integrity of buildings, the potential for destruction is significant. Recognizing the urgency of these issues, our team is committed to swift, effective interventions that not only remove these relentless chewers but also prevent their return.

Foraging Habits

Traditionally nocturnal, rats have adapted to the overflowing bounty of urban areas, becoming just as likely to forage during daylight as at night. This adaptation means that the search for food is a continuous endeavour, with rats exploring and expanding their territories unceasingly. Such behaviour poses a constant threat to our homes, making professional intervention more critical than ever.

A Paradoxical Existence: Neophobia and Neophilia

Rats live in a state of paradox, torn between their inherent fear of new things (neophobia) and a compelling curiosity (neophilia). This duality affects how they interact with potential food sources and danger, including rat traps and baits. While their curiosity might draw them towards something initially, their caution often wins, rendering many conventional methods ineffective in urban settings. Understanding this delicate balance is crucial in devising strategies that outsmart these cunning creatures.

Your Solution: The Professional Touch

At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we understand that the only lasting solution to a rat infestation is thorough exclusion – sealing every possible entry point to deny access to your home. This task demands a professional touch, combining knowledge of rat behaviour, building structures, and the most effective exclusion techniques. Our team is trained to identify even the most obscure entry points, ensuring that once the rats are gone, they stay gone.

Next reputable and humane companies will use a one-way door system to safely exclude the rats from the premises, in this video you can see how that system works:

But our service doesn’t end there. We’re committed to providing a comprehensive solution that includes not just removal, but also advice on how to keep your home pest-free in the future. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your home will be returned to a place of comfort, security, and peace.

Dealing with urban rats can feel like an ongoing battle, but with Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal by your side, it’s a battle you won’t have to fight alone. Let’s reclaim your home together, ensuring it remains the critter-free sanctuary you deserve. Reach out today, and together, we’ll keep those pesky pests out – with a smile!


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