Winter Visitors: Managing Unwanted Wildlife in Burlington Homes

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When the winter weather arrives in Burlington, it’s not only the local residents who seek the warm comfort of a cozy home — a host of unwanted critters are likely to do the same! Our friendly team at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal has accumulated years of local knowledge about this phenomenon. In this blog post, we will touch on the most common species you will come across in the colder months and give tips on identifying the specific culprits.

The Most Common Winter Guests

1. Mice

By far, the most frequent unwelcome visitors to your home are mice. These tiny creatures love the warmth and relative safety found within our residences. The telltale sign of a mouse invasion includes hearing scratching or scurrying sounds in the quiet of the night and discovering droppings in hidden corners such as kitchen drawers, under the sink, behind the dishwasher, or in secluded basement spaces.

In our extensive experience, using poison or traps will never be a permanent solution to a mouse infestation. Any and all access points must be sealed off before remediation and removal of the existing population can occur. In this video, you can see how, with the use of a one-way door system, it’s simple to evict rodents when the proper prev4ntion work is completed:

2. Raccoons

a bigger critter and definitely more disruptive is the crafty raccoon. They find residential homes, particularly attics, sheds, and garages, perfect for weathering out harsh winter conditions. Female raccoons often nest months in advance before giving birth to their babies in early spring. Therefore, as soon as the colder weather begins, the instances of raccoon break-ins to residential homes go up dramatically. Signs you’ve got a raccoon houseguest can be the loud stomping sounds in your attic or visible damage to your soffit, roof vents or siding – the usual entry points for these destructive pests.

3. Squirrels

Let’s not forget about squirrels, a constant source of activity no matter how chilly the weather. They, too, often seek shelter in our homes, gearing up to have their babies once spring sets in. The sounds of their scurrying and gnawing could be an evident sign of their presence as they keep similar hours to us humans – heading out at dawn and returning home at dusk. These creatures are gnawers; their teeth never stop growing, necessitating constant chewing.

4. Bats

Finally, we come to bats, special guests who often hibernate within residential spaces during the winter months. Though inactive, their presence could be detected by finding bat guano near their exit points. During warmer months, you may also witness them leaving en-masse at dusk to go feed. Your home might require a thorough attic inspection to confirm the presence of bats during hibernation. Because bats are a protected species in Ontario, you must hire a professional to deal with a bat infestation. Your local wildlife pros can safely and humanely deal with this problem.

Hire a Professional

We understand how critical it is to preserve your homes – your most significant asset – from these intrusive visitors. Here comes the need for professionals like us to ensure that the wildlife issue is handled humanely, safely, and efficiently. Remember, the process involves removing these unwanted critters and ensuring they cannot re-enter. That’s why you can rely on us at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal. With extensive local experience dealing with all manner of critters, we will take care of your homes with the utmost professionalism and friendly service, promising to leave your home critter-free in no time!

No matter the season, we’re here to help keep your home a sanctuary for you and your loved ones — not for the local wildlife! So, if the chilly Burlington winter brings with it some unwanted guests, you know who to call. Let’s help you keep those pesky pests out of your home, ensuring you a worry-free and critter-free winter with a smile!


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