Your Guide to Raccoon Prevention in Oakville

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Hello, Oakville! Here at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, we’ve been working with local residential wildlife and pest control issues for many years, and we’re no strangers to your specific wildlife issues. Among the varied critters we deal with, one often stands out due to its persistent presence – raccoons. Often perceived as mischievous invaders, these intelligent animals try to create a safe space within our urban landscapes. Let’s dive deeper and understand more about these fascinating creatures and how we can coexist peacefully.

Why Raccoons Break Into Our Homes

With their distinct masks and bushy tails, Raccoons are known for their adaptability and resourcefulness. Whether it’s an urban environment or a suburban backyard, they make the most of their surroundings. But why do raccoons turn to our homes for refuge?

Primarily, raccoons look for shelter to protect themselves from the elements. Ontario’s weather is highly variable, with sweltering summers, chilly winters, rain, and snow. These cuddly-looking creatures find most buildings, especially your homes, an excellent shelter against these harsh weather conditions.

But there’s more! Your home also offers raccoons a haven to raise their little ones. Interestingly, a raccoon doesn’t limit itself to one place but may have up to three dens in a neighbourhood. This allows them to safely and quickly move if they perceive a threat.

Raccoon Prevention Tactics

Understanding the raccoon’s motivations allows us to devise the best prevention strategies. At Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal, our preventive methods are built upon the principles of safety, effectiveness, and utmost respect for wildlife.

Our first line of defence is installing corrugated steel mesh screens on roof and wall vents to repel potential raccoon invasions. Utilizing durable material deters raccoons and prevents any harm to them as they attempt to penetrate these barriers.

But we don’t stop at that! We strategically reinforce the junctions where your roof and soffits meet – prime points for raccoon break-ins. Further strengthening involves fortifying the house siding to make it resistant to the relentless efforts of these creatures.

Lastly, we fit metal flashing on the roof boards. This measure adds an impenetrable layer of fortification, effectively keeping raccoons at bay.

The Use of One-Way Door Systems

Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal prides itself on our forward-thinking solutions for maintaining critter-free homes, such as the ingenious one-way-door system. As part of our prevention methods, this door, installed at the raccoon’s most used access point, is designed to allow raccoons to exit but prohibits re-entry. After several weeks, ensuring that all raccoons, including the young kits, have had ample time to leave, our expert team returns to remove the one-way door and permanently seal the opening. Our one-way door system showcases our advanced expertise and firm commitment to humane wildlife management. It balances the security of your home with our dedication to the well-being of wildlife.

In this video, you can see how it works in real life:

Handling Raccoon Newborns

As springtime rolls in, raccoons give birth to their kits. It takes roughly eight weeks for these adorable raccoon infants to gather their tiny legs and begin exploring their surroundings. So, during this timeframe, they cannot use the one-way door system as an exit strategy.

Dealing with kits requires a tender touch and precise knowledge. Our experienced technicians gently remove them by hand and securely place them in an insulated box near their exit point. This allows the mother raccoon to locate her babies quickly to another den that is prepared nearby.

The Problem with DIY Solutions

DIY might seem attractive when dealing with raccoons. However, self-made solutions, lack of experience, knowledge, and proper equipment and training can lead to many complications. Damage to your property’s structural integrity, unintentional harm to the raccoon, or exposing yourself to a potential raccoon attack are just some of the risks involved. They may be small and fuzzy, but raccoons can become aggressive when frightened or cornered, and it’s best to leave their removal to the professionals.

Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal is committed to getting your raccoon removal and prevention job done permanently and efficiently. Our vast experience, coupled with our commitment to safety, plays a crucial role in providing you with top-tier services.

Remember, our goal is to bid goodbye to your unwelcome guests, ensuring your home returns to its original state – a critter-free space. We take pride in relieving Oakville homes of raccoons and other pests, one satisfied customer at a time!


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