How Bats Get in Through the Tinniest of Access Points

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Greetings from Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal! When it comes to handling your wildlife and pest-related concerns, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. We’re eager to share our extensive knowledge and showcase our dedication to solving your pesky problems. In today’s article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of bats and how they manage to squeeze into the tightest of spaces within your home. Our decades of experience have allowed us the requisite insights into bats’ behaviours and we, in turn, would like to pass on the same valuable information that may allow you to detect and prevent a bat issue before it gets out of hand.

Bats: How They Exploit the Smallest Spaces

As homeowners, we tend to underestimate the resourcefulness of bats when it comes to infiltrating residential spaces. These fascinating creatures are adept at finding openings that may not even seem like entryways to us. A thorough understanding of their resourcefulness, as well as the unique vulnerabilities your home may present, is the first step in addressing and preventing bat infestations.

In this comprehensive guide, Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal will share its invaluable expertise in identifying these vulnerabilities and offering expert tips on keeping your home secured against bats. Below we will touch on the most common areas bats exploit to access the comfy confines of your home.

Common Entry Points for Bats in Your Home

Bats can take advantage of a wide variety of seemingly insignificant openings to gain access to your home. From rooftops to vents, let’s explore the most common weak spots that bats exploit:

  1. Rooflines: The places where any portion of your roof intersects with other structures, such as chimneys, soffits, siding etc, can provide small gaps that bats can use as entry points.
  2. Under Siding: When your siding is loose, damaged, or poorly sealed, you might unintentionally be rolling out the welcome mat for bats. Ensuring that your siding is well-maintained and secure will minimize the chances of bats and other unwelcome pests making themselves at home.
  3. Breather Bricks: Providing essential ventilation for your home, breather bricks can become havens for bats and other critters. Unfortunately, these bricks offer plenty of space for bats to slip through with ease.
  4. Window and Door Frames: Years of wear and tear can contribute to the formation of small gaps around window and door frames. While these gaps may seem insignificant, they can provide the perfect entry point for bats seeking warmth and shelter.
  5. Gaps in Vents: Air vents, especially those without protective screens, can act as pathways for bats and other wildlife. It’s essential to conduct regular maintenance and inspections to ensure these vents aren’t allowing uninvited guests into your home.
  6. Holes Made by Other Animals: A hole doesn’t have to be bat-created to host bats. If a pre-existing hole made by another critter is present, bats have no qualms about making use of it.

Take a look at the following video for some great examples of how easily bats can gain access to a typical home:

The Expert Touch: Professional Prevention

While homeowners can employ various DIY measures to minimize the risk of bat infestations, the skills and expertise of wildlife professionals are unrivalled in identifying, addressing, and preventing unwanted intrusions. Bat prevention and exclusion is a complex process that requires training, experience and attention to detail. Furthermore bats are a protected species in Ontario therefore extra care must be taken to ensure no harm comes to any bat.

Also, bat guano when left unattended poses the most severe health risk in the pest and wildlife industry, histoplasmosis. When guano dries and is ingested this life-threatening disease can be spread. For these reasons, bat problems should only be dealt with by trained wildlife professionals.

Your Bat-Free Home

To keep your home safe from bats, it is crucial to understand the bats’ resourcefulness and the various vulnerabilities your property may present. Prevention is the key – and the assistance of dedicated wildlife professionals like the team at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal is the best way to protect your home permanently.

As a company that values professionalism and friendliness, we aim to reassure our clients with our clear and concise approach. Our extensive experience and commitment to safety make us the ideal partner to tackle any critter that dares to intrude on your home. With a smile and a gentle touch, let’s rid your home of pesky pests and ensure your dwelling remains a bat-free oasis.

Reach out to the experts at Home Free Wildlife and Pest Removal – your home and peace of mind are in the best hands.


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